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  1. Let Us Optimize Your Hot Spring Spa®

    Our Selection of Hot Spring Spa Replacement Parts Will Keep Your Favorite Relaxation Tool Up and Running At Hot Tub Spa Supplies we know how much you look forward to your next warm and relaxing soak. In just minutes, the tensions from work, errands and family obligations ease up and stress melts away… but only if your hot tub is working properly, of course! To ensure that the daily escape you deserve – your hot tub – is always running smoothly, we carry a huge selection of accessories, water treatment options and replacement parts. In addition to the comfort and pleasure of therapeutic jet massages and perfect, steamy temperatures, these products also maintain peak efficiency to help keep your operating costs low. The Hot Springs Spa Difference We work exclusively with Hot Spring Spa hot tubs because they are simply the best in the industry. Versatile, comfortable and durable, they make excellent long-term investments for your overall health ..
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  2. Do You Need An Ozonator In Your Hot Tub?

    An ozonator is an advanced cleaning system that attaches to your hot tub. It's used in concert with a sanitizer to help reduce the number of particles and growth of bacteria. Set up an ozonator to lessen the need for standard hot tub chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Why Use an Ozonator? If your family uses a lot of lotions, oils, hair products or cosmetics, you probably have a fair amount of contaminants and your water isn't very clear. An ozonator creates an electric charge that results in a gas called ozone that is driven through your hot tub system through the jets. The ozone disintegrates the dirt and oils. It makes the water clear. It also eliminates the ring of film that develops on your basin at the waterline. Ozonators are also a good idea for those with sensitive skin or who have allergic reactions to hot tub chemicals. Where It Lives..
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  3. Moonlight Spas Now Available

    If you're looking for the latest hot tub model with a great value, you may want to check out Moonlight spas. They are available for order through Hot Tub Spa Supplies, but they are slightly different than any of our other models. Why? They were designed specifically to be sold online. This helps to keep the pricing down, but it makes it more difficult for potential buyers who want to see one up close to get a better feel for the product. As a result, we've set one up on display at our Westchester County location in New York for anyone interested in a hands-on viewing.   We have two Moonlight models to choose from, the eight-foot Moonlight ML844 and the smaller seven-foot Moonlight ML736. They are made in the U.S. and are available in a few different basin, cover and cabinet colors. Both models seat up to six people. The ML844 also includes a lounger. Both Moonlight hot tub packages come with a custom hot tub cover and a water care kit, as well ..
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  4. Maximizing the Heat In Your Hot Tub

    With the chilly days of autumn upon us, it's time to think about ways to keep your hot tub hot when you're ready to use it without using extra energy. You can also maximize the heat while you're in it. Hot Tub Timers One way to minimize the time and attention spent on your spa is by using a timer. If you have a routine of soaking in your hot tub in the morning and at night, you can regulate the temperature through a timer. By setting it to run at certain hours of the day, specific days of the week, you can be assured that it will always be ready to use without wasting energy when it's dormant. If you're not satisfied with the timer that you have, you can replace it with a time clock that fits your model. Hot tub replacement parts are available from Grasslin, Kiehl and other manufacturers for use with a panel mount or a surface mount. Covers ..
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  5. A Closer Look at the Hot Spring Heater Relay Board

    Over the years, some heater relay boards for the 2001 to 2008 Hot Spring models have occasionally had issues with overheating and burning out. Rather than getting a new hot tub, this part can be replaced. If you're not sure whether or not the heater relay board is the issue, it can be tested on a voltage meter.  If you're not comfortable doing the job yourself, hire a professional or ask someone who is familiar with electronics. The 74618 Hot Spring heater relay board carries a new replacement design. The connecting points have been improved, making the board function more efficiently and last longer. After removing the old board, you can reconnect the new one using a few tools and by following the directions on the manufacturer's specifications. The new design connects power differently than the original part. For example, the neutral wire from the heater power cord, which is white, has a separate connection on the ..
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  6. Identifying And Solving Issues With Hot Tub Pumps

    One of the most important pieces of hot tub equipment is the pump. Hot tub pumps are responsible for moving the water, keeping it clean and creating an enjoyable experience. Several common issues could prevent a pump from working properly. Homeowners with a spa should be aware of common problems with older pumps and the possible solutions. Low Pressure Flow Several issues could cause low pressure in the spa. There might be a leak in one of the hoses. Repairing this involves finding the leak and sealing it. Another possible cause is a damaged impeller that can't create suction. Replacing hot tub pumps with a broken impeller is the only solution. Clogs could also be restricting the water flow. This requires a complete cleaning and potentially replacing older plumbing pieces that have degraded over time. ..
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  7. Basic Troubleshooting For Hot Tub Circuit Boards

    While most spas work as expected every day, they can behave strangely from time to time. Figuring out exactly what's wrong with them and fixing the issue quickly is important. Every day they can't be used is a day without relaxation from a soothing soak. Hot tub circuit boards are at the root of almost every system, from the spa pump to the heater. The problem could lie within the part itself, or it could be the circuit board which controls the part. Let's take a look at a few of the more common problems that can crop up with hot tub circuit boards and how to troubleshoot them. Controls A control panel that triggers the wrong action or displays an invalid error code is a symptom that your hot tub circuit board is at the core of your problem. Worn connection points and burnt out solder joints can also require replacing your circuit ..
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  8. 5 Reasons to Use Spa Umbrellas

    Spa umbrellas have become the latest hot tub accessory to gain popularity. They are lightweight and durable, providing cover while you take a soak to relieve stress and sore muscles. Hot Tub Spa Supplies has several different types available, ranging in size and features. Umbrellas should be removed before severe storms and heavy winds arrive. 1. Sun One of the most popular reasons hot tub owners use spa umbrellas is for protection against the hot sun. Use an adjustable model to provide shade any time of day. Shade is also helpful in preventing glares from the sunshine on the surface of the control panel. 2. Privacy For spa owners in a busy household or neighborhood, a little bit of privacy always provides a respite from prying eyes. An umbrella provides privacy and peace of mind from those nearby in upper floors. 3. Fashion Outdoor accessories can dress up ..
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  9. Checking Hot Spring Heaters for Replacement

    Ordering new spa replacement parts is a simple task using the Hot Tub Spa Supplies parts finder. It's important to first find out what needs to be replaced before ordering and installing the new one. For Hot Spring heaters, for example, there is a simple way to test them before ordering replacement parts. The most obvious symptom of a bad heater is lukewarm or cold water when the unit is on and pumping. All you need is a voltage meter and to remove your spa heater to find out whether or not you need a new Hot Spring heater. Be sure to disconnect the power before removing any spa parts. Voltage Meter Use a voltage meter to check and see whether or not the heater registers power before assuming it's the culprit. When hooked up to the voltage meter, if the power registers 0 ohms, you'll need to replace it with the same model. If it's no longer being made, you'll need to order a compatible replacement model. If there is power registering on ..
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  10. Improve Spa Safety With the SmartStep from Leisure Concepts

    One way to make your spa a safer place with more convenient access is to put steps at the entrance. Leisure Concepts has spa steps that make it easier to get in and out of the tub. They are available in two different sizes and in an assortment of colors, including sand, taupe, redwood, Portobello, merlot and walnut teak. Safety Steps that are placed fairly close together create a better balance platform for people climbing in and out. Shifting weight from one foot to the next is harder to do when the distance and height are greater. Leisure Concepts' Smart Step products are made in the U.S. and have a rubber tread which minimizes slipperiness without hurting bare feet, wet or dry. Durability The Smart Step is strong and sturdy, ..
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  11. How to Find Hot Spring Spa Parts Serial Numbers

    When it comes to ordering spa parts and hot tub accessories, one of the most important things to know is the manufacturer's name and which model you have. You'll often need serial numbers to find the right hot tub replacement parts. Most models have the information placed inside the cabinet where the equipment is located.    To find serial numbers and model information for Watkins or Hot Spring Spa parts, for example, you'll need to start by opening up the equipment door. Inside, you'll see a series of stickers either on the floor of the compartment or on the back wall. These labels contain important information for you to use in ordering accessories, such as spa covers, or replacement parts, such as Hot Spring heaters. The stickers are labeled with the name of the manufacturer and the model. Other details are also listed, such as the serial number, year of manufacture and the power specifications...
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  12. Ordering the Right Caldera Spa Cover

    With spa season just beginning, now is a good time to do a quick inspection of your Caldera spa parts and accessories. After a harsh winter, you might want to set aside some time to check over your spa cover. If you haven't already done a spring cleaning, this is probably a good time for it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning solutions, being sure not to use anything abrasive. In fact, it might just need a quick dusting off, rather than a thorough cleaning. Although they are durable, Caldera spa covers occasionally need to be replaced. They are factory made and need to be special ordered to make sure that you have a snug and efficient fit. Caldera spa covers come in small and medium sizes for the Kuai, Aventine, Tahitian, Marino, Vanto, Oasis, Cumberland, Martinique and Aspire models. They are designed to fit the shape and size for each ..
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