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Our Selection of Hot Spring Spa Replacement Parts Will Keep Your Favorite Relaxation Tool Up and Running At Hot Tub Spa Supplies we know how much you look forward to your next warm and relaxing soak. In just minutes, the tensions from work, errands and family obligations ease up and stress melts away… but only if your hot tub is working properly, of course! To ensure that the daily escape you deserve – your hot tub – is always running smoothly, we carry a huge selection of accessories, water treatment options and replacement parts. In addition to the comfort and pleasure of therapeutic jet massages and perfect, steamy temperatures, these products also maintain peak efficiency to help keep your operating costs low. The Hot Springs Spa Difference We work exclusively with Hot Spring Spa hot tubs because they are simply the best in the industry. Versatile, comfortable and durable, they make excellent long-term investments for your overall health and well-being that are extremely energy efficient. Not only do the deliver an outstanding massage, heating speed and control, and jet pressure, they are also customizable and simple to maintain. At Hot Tub Spa supplies we are proud to carry supplies for a brand we know and trust. Essential parts for the Hot Spring Spa As experts in the hot tub industry, we know that certain items are especially important to the routine care and enjoyment of your Hot Springs Spa. Understanding which of these items you need and keeping a spare or two on hand, will make maintenance fast and easy. No-Fault Heater Assembly In hot tubs, the element coil is housed in a heater assembly, which exchanges heat produced by the element to the water, as it flows through the tube. Our 73790 No-Fault Heater Assemblies work with most Hot Springs Spas from 1995 onward, and are quick and easy to install. Single Speed Circulation Pump If your pump is more than a few years old, it is normal for pump failure to occur. You could replace individual components (motor and wet end), but we recommend replacing the entire pump for better reliability in the long run. Our 77427 E5 Single-Speed Circulation Pump is ideal for a wide range of Hot Spring Spa models. Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter The unique design of this ceramic filter enables it to filter more than twice the amount of water as a standard filter, and you don’t have to clean it as often either. Our 73250 Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter is our first choice, and can replace the filters in many Hot Spring Spa models after 1990. Heater Relay Board The heater relay board is an essential element for the proper functioning of your hot tub. Electrical events and standard wear may require a replacement to keep your hot tub functioning properly. Our 77119 Heater Relay Board works with most Hot Springs Spas, requires less time to install than other boards, and will last for years with proper hot tub maintenance. Your Home for Hot Tub Supplies Hot tubs are about luxury, pleasure and health. They reduce stress and provide a relaxing timeout from the day. Don't let routine maintenance or unexpected problems get in the way of enjoying your hot tub. Get all your replacement parts, accessories and water treatment materials ahead of time to avoid an interruption in your hot tub use. Our simple site navigation makes it easy to find the product you need. If you have any questions or cannot find a part, please contact us today – we are happy to assist you. To view our complete selection of Hot Springs Spa products, click here.