An ozonator is an advanced cleaning system that attaches to your hot tub. It's used in concert with a sanitizer to help reduce the number of particles and growth of bacteria. Set up an ozonator to lessen the need for standard hot tub chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

Why Use an Ozonator?
If your family uses a lot of lotions, oils, hair products or cosmetics, you probably have a fair amount of contaminants and your water isn't very clear. An ozonator creates an electric charge that results in a gas called ozone that is driven through your hot tub system through the jets. The ozone disintegrates the dirt and oils. It makes the water clear. It also eliminates the ring of film that develops on your basin at the waterline. Ozonators are also a good idea for those with sensitive skin or who have allergic reactions to hot tub chemicals.

Where It Lives
Some spa models come with an ozonator jet system built in, or you can have it installed. You'll find it in the bottom of your hot tub unit. If you don't have one, an adapter can be installed to connect your jets and plumbing to the device. The ozonator's life expectancy is between two and five years, depending on the brand and how often you use your hot tub.

Getting Results
Ozonators reduce the amount of particulates that need to be removed from the water through spa filters. Cleaner water runs through hot tub pumps and other parts, reducing the effort and wear. It also makes the water smell better, which creates a more enjoyable hot tubbing atmosphere.

At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry a number of ozonators and parts, including tubing, valves, cords, injectors and clamps. If you're not comfortable doing your own installation or repairs, be sure to call a professional.