Spa umbrellas have become the latest hot tub accessory to gain popularity. They are lightweight and durable, providing cover while you take a soak to relieve stress and sore muscles. Hot Tub Spa Supplies has several different types available, ranging in size and features. Umbrellas should be removed before severe storms and heavy winds arrive.

1. Sun
One of the most popular reasons hot tub owners use spa umbrellas is for protection against the hot sun. Use an adjustable model to provide shade any time of day. Shade is also helpful in preventing glares from the sunshine on the surface of the control panel.

2. Privacy
For spa owners in a busy household or neighborhood, a little bit of privacy always provides a respite from prying eyes. An umbrella provides privacy and peace of mind from those nearby in upper floors.

3. Fashion
Outdoor accessories can dress up a drab back yard. Be sure to color coordinate the tones in your outdoor furniture with those in the umbrella. Choose bright colors for a more festive atmosphere. While neutral colors might be appropriate for indoor furniture, they can give the patio or deck a subdued mood rather than a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

4. Medical
People with skin cancer or who take certain types of medication may be warned by a healthcare provider to stay out of direct sunlight. Even if you need to be careful of overexposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun due to health reasons, you may want to still get some fresh air and socialize with friends and family. Use spa umbrellas to minimize exposure without minimizing fun.

5. Water
Falling rain and snow can alter the balance of your hot tub chemicals. Protect the water in your hot tub by using a spa cover when you're not in it and an umbrella when you are in it. There are particles which gather in the rain and snow that fall from the sky. These particles include dirt, dust and chemicals. Keeping the basin covered as much as possible prevents your chemical balance from being out of kilter and requiring more frequent attention.   

Some spa umbrella models, like ones from Leisure Concepts, provide storage space at the base as part of the stand. This is the ideal place for the convenience of stowing away rubber ducks, an extra hand towel, the umbrella bag or other hot tub accessories. Look for special designs that allow the compartment to be locked when no one is out on the patio.