Limelight Hot Tub Videos

  1. Door Panel, Limelight

      Watch this video so you know how to remove your front door panel in your Limelight hot tub. Quick and easy for you to remember the next time you maintenance your spa! Removing Door Panel: Remove all 6 screws from the front panel with a screwdriver or drill. Pull the panel out once the screws are removed. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the logo light. Before putting the panel back on, put the cap on and connect the logo light. Locate the clips so you know how to slide the panel back on. Once it is in place, screw the panel back on.   Shop ..
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  2. Fill Tub, Limelight

      I will be quickly going over how to fill your Limelight hot tub. These easy steps will set you up for soaking in your spa! Filling Hot Tub: Make sure the drain plugs are on, located on the front panel below your controls. Go to your filter area and open up the grey capped filter. Once it is open, place your hose as far down into the standpipe as you can go. Now turn the water on until it reaches the midway point between the jets and the pillows. Turn off the water. Remove the hose from the filter and replace the grey cap. You can now power on your hot tub.   Shop ..
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  3. Flash Drive Software, Limelight

      I will be showing you how to flash software on an IQ 2020 eagle control box. With only a few steps per task, you will soon have all the new features added to your hot tub! Formatting USB: Plug your USB drive into your computer. Once you see the USB pop up on your screen, right click on the drive. Then click format. Click start and then OK. Once it is done, hit OK one more time. Close the window and then reopen the drive. Drag and drop the file onto the desktop. Right click the drive and hit eject. Installation: Remove the front panel on your hot tub. Power off the tub. Take off the control box cover by removing the screws. You will see a USB enter ..
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  4. Misc Functions, Limelight

      Here are a few miscellaneous functions that your Limelight hot tub features. Watch the video as I show you how to toggle ON/OFF unique features for your spa display.   Flipping Screen: Hold the back button for a few seconds and the screen will flip. Switching Languages: Click on options and then press configurations. Hit more in the lower right-hand corner. Pressing the top right button will cycle through the different languages. Adjusting Brightness: Click on options and then press set-up. Press the lower left button to cycle through the 7 different brightness modes.   ..
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  5. Music System, Limelight

      Here is a quick video for you on how to pair your music system with your Limelight hot tub. Unwind in your spa while enjoying your favorite music. Pairing Bluetooth: Click the audio button on the main screen. Press the audio on in the top left corner. Hit the bottom left button until you see set-up. Click set-up. Hit the bottom left button again until you see Bluetooth and press pair. My Spa BTXR will appear on your mobile device in the Bluetooth settings for you to activate your music. Head back to the main menu by clicking back multiple times.   Shop ..
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  6. Temp Options, Limelight

      This video I will be explaining to you how to adjust all your temperature options on your Hot Spring Highlife hot tub. Watch this quick tutorial for all the information you need for a comforting spa experience. Adjusting Temp: Click on the options button and on the top left corner click temperature. Press on the on the right-hand side buttons to adjust temp UP/DOWN. Temperature Lock ON/OFF: Click on the options button and on the top left corner click temperature. Press on the top left corner button again for a lock to appear on the top of the display when turned on, keeping the temperature where it is. Adjusting Celsius/Fahrenheit Reading: Click on the options button and on the top left corner ..
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  7. Start Up, Limelight

      Start up your Limelight hot tub by watching our simple tutorial video. You will have all it takes to start up your spa to begin your first soak. *Turn the jets on before adding chemicals to the filter area of your spa. Stain Scale Control Use a test strip to check the hardness level and add the substance accordingly. Pour the whole bottle in your hot tub if your hardness is 450-800 ppm (3-5 person tub 1/3 the bottle, 6-8 person tub 2/3 the bottle). Let the water circulate for 15 minutes before using ..
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