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  1. Identifying And Solving Issues With Hot Tub Pumps

    One of the most important pieces of hot tub equipment is the pump. Hot tub pumps are responsible for moving the water, keeping it clean and creating an enjoyable experience. Several common issues could prevent a pump from working properly. Homeowners with a spa should be aware of common problems with older pumps and the possible solutions. Low Pressure Flow Several issues could cause low pressure in the spa. There might be a leak in one of the hoses. Repairing this involves finding the leak and sealing it. Another possible cause is a damaged impeller that can't create suction. Replacing hot tub pumps with a broken impeller is the only solution. Clogs could also be restricting the water flow. This requires a complete cleaning and potentially replacing older plumbing pieces that have degraded over time. ..
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  2. How to Make Hot Tubs Even More Stress-Free

    Owning a spa can lower stress and help you to relax. There are some features and products that can be used to reduce the amount of time spent on spa maintenance so that you can spend more time in your hot tub.  Here's how to make hot tubs even more stress-free. Hi-Tech Filters One way to spend less time changing and replacing your spa filters is to switch to the Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter. It contains a more complex filtration system that traps smaller debris and more of it before allowing the water to flow through your hot tub's water system. These Tri-X filters are compatible with a wide variety of hot tub models. Water Care If you want to do away with pH tests to regulate your hot tub chemicals, try Silk Balance. It's a water care system that automatically regulates the right levels of calcium and alkaline so that your water ..
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  3. Basic Troubleshooting For Hot Tub Circuit Boards

    While most spas work as expected every day, they can behave strangely from time to time. Figuring out exactly what's wrong with them and fixing the issue quickly is important. Every day they can't be used is a day without relaxation from a soothing soak. Hot tub circuit boards are at the root of almost every system, from the spa pump to the heater. The problem could lie within the part itself, or it could be the circuit board which controls the part. Let's take a look at a few of the more common problems that can crop up with hot tub circuit boards and how to troubleshoot them. Controls A control panel that triggers the wrong action or displays an invalid error code is a symptom that your hot tub circuit board is at the core of your problem. Worn connection points and burnt out solder joints can also require replacing your circuit ..
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