Ordering new spa replacement parts is a simple task using the Hot Tub Spa Supplies parts finder. It's important to first find out what needs to be replaced before ordering and installing the new one. For Hot Spring heaters, for example, there is a simple way to test them before ordering replacement parts. The most obvious symptom of a bad heater is lukewarm or cold water when the unit is on and pumping. All you need is a voltage meter and to remove your spa heater to find out whether or not you need a new Hot Spring heater. Be sure to disconnect the power before removing any spa parts.

Voltage Meter
Use a voltage meter to check and see whether or not the heater registers power before assuming it's the culprit. When hooked up to the voltage meter, if the power registers 0 ohms, you'll need to replace it with the same model. If it's no longer being made, you'll need to order a compatible replacement model. If there is power registering on the meter when you test the heater, your problem is not the heater.

Reset Buttons
Some of the older models of Hot Spring heaters have a reset button on them which must be activated in order to give you an accurate reading. If the reset button has popped up and isn't pushed down to reset before testing, the power level will always read 0, even if it still has a few years of life left. There are several reasons a reset button will pop. Most often it's caused by a dirty spa filter or when the circulation pump isn't pushing enough water through your system.

Hot Spring Parts Finder
When it's time to order a Hot Spring heater from Hot Tub Spa Supplies, just have the make and model spa handy. Use the Hot Spring parts finder on our website to locate the right part number and place your order. Keep in mind that we also carry spa filters, jets and other spa replacement parts. We offer free shipping for orders over $99.