1. The Largest Spa Parts Dealer in the Tri-State Area

    Looking for luxury hot tubs, hot tub parts, and hot tub accessories at prices you’ll love? Hot Tub Spa Supplies is the largest spa parts dealer in the Tri-State area. Check us out online and in our new and improved showrooms for all your hot tub equipment! Own a hot tub or thinking about buying one? If the answer is yes, then Hot Tub Spa Supplies has all your hot tub needs covered. As the largest spa parts dealer in the Tri-State area, you can visit our new and improved showrooms to find exactly what you want. You can also shop for ..
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  2. Hot Tub Spring Cleaning: A Simple Guide

    Relaxing in your hot tub after a long day is always something to look forward to. But did you give yourself extra work setting up your hot tub because you neglected it this winter? It’s okay, many of us do. Here’s a simple guide to get your hot tub up and running fast this spring. A clean start for your hot tub You look out your window into the backyard and see your hot tub covered with build up and stains from the gruesomely long winter. Today is the day you muster up the courage to open the tarp. Don't panic! Before you decide to drain your tub, you'll need to add Clean Start to get rid of stubborn bacteria that have been hibernating in your plumbing lines all winter. When the water flows out it's also taking the first step to disinfecting! It is crucial that you add your solution in if you don't want bacteria to stick around after you've purged the tub. How to ..
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  3. Good Clean Fun: Use a Hot Springs Tri-X Filter for Your Hot Tub

        Changing your hot tub filter regularly - and using the best Hot Springs filter for your hot tub model - is one of the keys to a safe and rewarding hot tub experience. Your Hot Springs hot tub is a haven of relaxation and a fun treat for your family to enjoy. While heavy use will take a toll on your hot tub parts, regular cleaning and maintenance can keep it running smoothly for many years to come. One of the parts you need to pay special attention to is your hot tub filter. In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the right filter for your hot tub ..
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  4. The Hot Springs Parts Finder: Ownership Made Easy

      Hot tubs make you happy. They are a little oasis of relaxation and fun whenever you need a break. But when the topic of hot tub ownership comes up, conversations usually go like this: “I’d love to get a hot tub, but I’ve heard they are hard to maintain. All those parts and chemicals seem like a hassle.” This is a common myth, but in fact, nothing is farther from the truth. Hot tub ownership, including buying parts and chemicals, is convenient if you’ve got the right tools. To help you find what you need and make your ownership experience easy, check out our Hot Spring Parts Finder. What Does the Hot Spring Parts Finder Do? You guessed it. ..
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  5. 5 Types of Accessories for a Great Hot Tub Experience

    Enhance your Hot Springs Spa® system with our large selection of parts and accessories for cleaning, maintenance, ambience and more.     2017 has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your Hot Spring Spa system with new parts and accessories. In case you forgot to treat yourself for the holidays, Hot Tub Spa Supplies has a great selection of new parts so you can enjoy a clean, relaxing and convenient experience all year long.   While you can browse our full selection of hot tub parts and accessories online, here are some key elements in the hot tub experience, and our suggestion for parts to make them even better.   Ambience   From a relaxing solo soak or a romantic dip with your partner to fun with the kids or a lively conversation with friends – it’s up ..
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  6. Hot Spring Chemicals

    Keep Your Water Clean with FreshWater Chemicals   A quick look at the different varieties of fresh water chemicals and how to pick the right ones for your Hot Spring Spa® system   Hot tubs are a significant, long-term investment in your personal health, relaxation and enjoyment – and need to be cared for appropriately. While there are many components to your Hot Spring Spa system, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the water.   Keeping water sanitary is not only important to prevent damage to your hot tub, but also for the people that use it, because you want to keep them safe.   The FreshWater line of Hot Spring Spa Care products has been developed exclusively for Hot Spring Spa owners to keep water at its freshest. These products ..
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  7. Let Us Optimize Your Hot Spring Spa®

    Our Selection of Hot Spring Spa Replacement Parts Will Keep Your Favorite Relaxation Tool Up and Running At Hot Tub Spa Supplies we know how much you look forward to your next warm and relaxing soak. In just minutes, the tensions from work, errands and family obligations ease up and stress melts away… but only if your hot tub is working properly, of course! To ensure that the daily escape you deserve – your hot tub – is always running smoothly, we carry a huge selection of accessories, water treatment options and replacement parts. In addition to the comfort and pleasure of therapeutic jet massages and perfect, steamy temperatures, these products also maintain peak efficiency to help keep your operating costs low. The Hot Springs Spa Difference We work exclusively with Hot Spring Spa hot tubs because they are simply the best in the industry. Versatile, comfortable and durable, they make excellent long-term investments for your overall health ..
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  8. Hot Spot Control Panel Operation 2015-

    Hot Spot Control Panel operation,Hot Spot Control Panel operation Hot Spot Control Panel operation ..
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  9. 2015 Limelight Bolt Model BLT

    2015 Limelight Bolt is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example Serial Number  BLT-3T2015 the serial number would read BLT is model  3 third quarter T year(2015) and 2015 is the unit number made. ..
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  10. 2015 Limelight Glow Model GLW

    2015 Limelight Glow is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example. Serial Number  GLW-3T2015 the serial number would read GLW is model  3 third quarter T year(2015) and 2015 is the unit number made. ..
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  11. 2015 Limelight Flair Model FLR

    2015  Limelight Flair is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example. Serial Number  FLR-3T2015 the serial number would read FLR is model  3 third quarter T year(2015) and 2015 is the unit number made.   ..
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  12. 2015 Limelight Pulse Model PLS

    2015 Limelight Pulse is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example. ..
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