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  1. Is a 2-Seater Spa Right For You?

    Bigger isn't always better. If you don't have a big family, you might wonder if getting a hot tub is a good idea, since you won't have a crowd to fill a 6-seat or 12-seat spa like you see so often on TV shows and in the movies. In reality, a two-person hot tub might be the right solution for your household. If there's only one or two people who will be using it, a 2-seater makes sense. Is a smaller spa right for you? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a two-person spa. Space You'll need a place that can hold the unit with at least a two-foot buffer of space around it on all sides. Make sure that there's at least a 12-foot overhead clearance, especially from power lines. The average two-person spa is roughly seven or eight feet long by four feet wide and about two feet deep. In comparison, a hot tub that seats six people is seven or eight feet square and three feet deep, depending on the ..
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  2. Using Prefilters for Hard Water and Hot Tubs

    If you own a hot tub, you probably already know if you have hard water. You can adjust your hot tub maintenance routine to make your water feel more refreshing. You can also use spa chemicals and accessories to ensure the long life of your unit. If you haven't checked your water lately or you're getting a new spa, it's a good idea to test your water now. Find out what type of water you have, then decide how to balance it. Depending on the type of water you have at home and the type of water sanitizing system you use, you can take different steps. One of the most popular options is to adjust the calcium hardness of your water with hot tub chemicals. Another option is to use a prefilter to minimize the amount of metals and minerals that permeate your spa water. Some hot tub owners use them in tandem. What Is Hard Water? Hard water is heavy in metals and mineral deposits. When left untreated, hard water results ..
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  3. ACE Saltwater System: How to Adjust When You Take a Vacation

    If you're planning a summer vacation and you use the ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System in your hot tub, you might wonder if you need to do anything differently than usual. When you go a week or more without using your spa, the needs of your water care routine change. While the Hot Spring® spa water system is designed to make maintenance easier, it still needs a few moments of attention if you're headed out of town or if you won't be hot tubbing for a while. •    Before you go on vacation, it's a good idea to change or confirm the Use Level of your ACE Saltwater System using your control panel. If you'll be gone for more than a week, you should adjust the settings through your console to Level 1. •    If you'll be gone for two weeks or more, it's a good idea to shock your hot tub water, adjust your Spa Size setting and confirm that the Use Level setting ..
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