One of the most important pieces of hot tub equipment is the pump. Hot tub pumps are responsible for moving the water, keeping it clean and creating an enjoyable experience. Several common issues could prevent a pump from working properly. Homeowners with a spa should be aware of common problems with older pumps and the possible solutions.

Low Pressure Flow
Several issues could cause low pressure in the spa. There might be a leak in one of the hoses. Repairing this involves finding the leak and sealing it. Another possible cause is a damaged impeller that can't create suction. Replacing hot tub pumps with a broken impeller is the only solution. Clogs could also be restricting the water flow. This requires a complete cleaning and potentially replacing older plumbing pieces that have degraded over time.

Will Not Prime
Self-priming hot tub pumps are very convenient. A unit that doesn't prime might have serious damage. Replacing the pump will fix the problem. Another potential cause is if air has gotten into the system after filling the basin. Excessive air will prevent priming. Bleeding the plumbing and connected hot tub equipment will allow the unit to prime correctly. Debris in the middle of the season that blocks the leaf trap might also prevent priming. The solution is to clean the trap and any other intakes so that water flows freely.

Leaks are a serious problem. They require immediate attention. Leaks could result in damage to some hot tub equipment around the pump, like the motor or heater. The best way to handle a leak is to take the time to isolate exactly where it is coming from. Most leaks are due to loose fittings, a worn housing or a broken ring. Tightening loose parts will repair the leak. If the leak continues, then it is probably time to call a professional to inspect the entire spa for larger issues. Homeowners should avoid using a leaking spa, since the damage could spread to other parts, especially if it's a result of corrosion or damage from debris.

No Moving Water
Several problems could cause the pump to stop functioning completely. Different types of tub equipment, like the motor, require regular maintenance and care. If the motor stops working because it needs lubrication or replacement, then the pump will stop as well. The pump housing might have some damage that stops the suction from drawing in water. Replacing hot tub pumps Identifying And Solving Issues With Hot Tub Pumps
is the best solution if there is visible damage on the housing.

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