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  1. 2013 Vista Model SS

    2013 Hot Spring Vista is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example. Serial Number  SS-3R2015 the serial number would read SS is model  3 third quarter R year(2013) and 2015 is the unit number made. Model SS Specifications Dimensions: 7'7" x 8'4" x 38" (2.31 m x 2.54 m x 0.97 m) Water Capacity: 500 gallons (1,893 litres) ..
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  2. Moonlight Spas Now Available

    If you're looking for the latest hot tub model with a great value, you may want to check out Moonlight spas. They are available for order through Hot Tub Spa Supplies, but they are slightly different than any of our other models. Why? They were designed specifically to be sold online. This helps to keep the pricing down, but it makes it more difficult for potential buyers who want to see one up close to get a better feel for the product. As a result, we've set one up on display at our Westchester County location in New York for anyone interested in a hands-on viewing.   We have two Moonlight models to choose from, the eight-foot Moonlight ML844 and the smaller seven-foot Moonlight ML736. They are made in the U.S. and are available in a few different basin, cover and cabinet colors. Both models seat up to six people. The ML844 also includes a lounger. Both Moonlight hot tub packages come with a custom hot tub cover and a water care kit, as well ..
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  3. Troubleshooting Hot Tub Jets

    Your hot tub was designed for your relaxation, so it can be frustrating when the jets that fill the spa with bubbling water don't operate as they should. Fortunately, most problems relating to hot tub jets are relatively simple and inexpensive to resolve. These troubleshooting tips can help you identify the source of the problem and direct you towards the right solution. Non-Operating Jets If you've just drained and refilled your spa and now find that the jets won't work at all, chances are that there's air in the water lines. Resetting the system's pressure valve will usually resolve this problem. Sometimes it's necessary to introduce water into the lines with a garden hose. Jets can also stop operating when they're clogged with dirt and debris. Removing the jets, cleaning them and rotating them to ensure that they spin freely can fix the problem. Uneven Water Delivery..
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  4. Maximizing the Heat In Your Hot Tub

    With the chilly days of autumn upon us, it's time to think about ways to keep your hot tub hot when you're ready to use it without using extra energy. You can also maximize the heat while you're in it. Hot Tub Timers One way to minimize the time and attention spent on your spa is by using a timer. If you have a routine of soaking in your hot tub in the morning and at night, you can regulate the temperature through a timer. By setting it to run at certain hours of the day, specific days of the week, you can be assured that it will always be ready to use without wasting energy when it's dormant. If you're not satisfied with the timer that you have, you can replace it with a time clock that fits your model. Hot tub replacement parts are available from Grasslin, Kiehl and other manufacturers for use with a panel mount or a surface mount. Covers ..
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  5. 2013 Grandee Model GG

    2012 Hot Spring Grandee is indicated ..
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  6. Is a Single-Person Spa Right for You?

    Spas come in a broad array of sizes, from single person spas to models that seat a dozen people comfortably. There's more to choosing the right size, however, than simply counting up the numbers of people that you expect to join you in the tub. The following tips can help you choose the spa that fits your budget and therapeutic expectations, as well as one that's sized right for you and your household. Weighing Your Options Whether you're installing your new spa inside your home or outdoors under the wide-open sky, it's important to provide adequate support for the weight of the tub after it's filled with bubbling warm water. For spas installed outdoors on level ground, weight likely won't be an issue in choosing a size. If installed on a wooden deck or inside your home, however, you may be limited to selecting smaller sizes unless you enlist help from a structural engineer who can advise you how to upgrade ..
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