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  1. Planning Ahead for Maximum Hot Tub Versatility

    Choosing the right model hot tub is about more than the capacity. It's important to plan ahead and select the right installation. Where you put it can greatly influence your enjoyment, how convenient maintenance is and whether or not you can easily remove it if needed. Location For a new hot tub or spa, the biggest decision is whether you want to go inside or outside. An inside spa is more convenient, but it creates a moisture issue in a lot of environments. You'll need a dehumidifier for interior installation. Another option is the sheltered outdoor install. A carport, screened in porch or a patio under an overhang can provide privacy and protection without compromising on the view or the practical issues. Always find out where the utility lines are and what type of soil you have before you make to many plans about digging. For an existing patio or deck, pay attention to plumbing and electrical conveniences. ..
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  2. 5 Reasons to Use Spa Umbrellas

    Spa umbrellas have become the latest hot tub accessory to gain popularity. They are lightweight and durable, providing cover while you take a soak to relieve stress and sore muscles. Hot Tub Spa Supplies has several different types available, ranging in size and features. Umbrellas should be removed before severe storms and heavy winds arrive. 1. Sun One of the most popular reasons hot tub owners use spa umbrellas is for protection against the hot sun. Use an adjustable model to provide shade any time of day. Shade is also helpful in preventing glares from the sunshine on the surface of the control panel. 2. Privacy For spa owners in a busy household or neighborhood, a little bit of privacy always provides a respite from prying eyes. An umbrella provides privacy and peace of mind from those nearby in upper floors. 3. Fashion Outdoor accessories can dress up ..
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  3. Hot Tubs and Water Therapy Offer Help for Diabetics

    Hot tubs are well known for their soothing features, especially when it comes to sore muscles. One of the lesser known advantages is for people with diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites that, as of 2010, 25.8 million people in the U.S. had diabetes, with an another 1.9 million people diagnosed every year. The disease can lead to other health problems if not treated. According to a study done by Dr. Phillip L. Hooper of Colorado, people with Type II diabetes can benefit from soaking in a hot tub. In the study which involved eight diabetic men and women between 43 and 68 years old, the patients spent 30 minutes per day, six days a week for three consecutive weeks. Participants were able to reduce their weight and insulin intake and while improving their ability to sleep ..
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