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  1. Free Flow Jet Pump Installation

    video of a free flow jet pump installation   ..
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  2. Maintenance Tips for Improved Spa Efficiency

    Keeping your hot tub clean is an important part of owning one. There are many different elements to maintaining the water at a clean and comfortable level without overworking the different parts of your spa. By doing a regular inspection and maintaining the recommended routine for adding spa chemicals, your spa will provide a refreshing experience and the machine itself will last for several years. Covers Use a spa cover with a proper fit, keeping it on the machine until you're ready for a soak. Choose the cover from the same manufacturer when possible to ensure that no cold air or debris gets in and that water won't evaporate quickly while the cover is off. Hot Spring covers, for example, come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance the appearance and efficiency of the machine. Elemental and Limelight spa ..
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  3. How to Make Your Hot Tub Even More Eco-Friendly

    In an age when being environmentally-friendly and energy efficient are atop most homeowners' wish lists, hot tubs and spas are keeping up with the times. Most of the spas available on the market today are more energy efficient and eco-friendly than ever. Many brands, including Elemental hot tubs and Caldera spas, don't waste water or electricity. What's more, there are several ways that hot tub owners can adjust their maintenance habits to become even more eco-friendly, which equates to a smaller environmental footprint over time. Hot Tub Filters The dirtier the water is, the harder the hot tub has to work. Using a reliable brand, like Tri-X filters, reduces the amount of dirt and debris in the hot tub system and minimizes the workload on the pump and heater. Tri-X ceramic filters, for example, are an efficient replacement for the more traditional polyester ..
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  4. Proper Care And Maintenance Of Hot Spring Filters

    Hot Spring spas provide owners with comfort, enjoyment and efficiency. Like any spa, however, the key to keeping the water comfortable and safe is proper maintenance of the filter. Hot Spring filters come in a variety of different models. The filter physically sorts out debris that could damage internal spa parts or cloud the water. Some even have chemical treatments that kill bacteria. It is important to take the necessary steps to keep the filters working properly. This causes the motor and jets to last longer while also keeping the water as clean as possible. Manual Cleaning Every filter inside of a Hot Spring spa requires regular manual cleanings in order to function properly. The best policy is to remove the cylinder from the tub at least once every two weeks. The entire part needs a thorough washing to be able to remove all of ..
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  5. Finding the Perfectly Sized Spa For Your Home

    When it comes to choosing the right hot tub, size is an important factor. It's a very basic decision that affects many other hot tub features. The size has a significant impact on cost, placement, amenities, type, manufacturer and how many people can fit inside at once. It could affect how you spend your time and how you entertain. Which size hot tub you purchase also affects your hot tub chemicals routine, how you use it and how long it takes to fill. People with a large family or couples who enjoy entertaining might consider a larger spa. Large spas can seat about seven or eight people, sometimes more. Location Size affects where to place the spa. There should be at least a foot of space available all around it so that people can get in and out. It can be placed inside or outside, although most people find outdoor locations easier to maintain. This includes using a screened in porch or covered deck. When considering location, the operational ..
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  6. Silk Balance: Giving Your Spa a Clean Start

    There are several different water systems you can use to keep your hot tub clean and your water feeling fresh. One of the most popular product lines is Silk Balance. It makes the application of spa chemicals easier and takes out some of the guesswork found in other water conditioning systems. This self-adjusting solution is used once a week. The shake and pour bottle eliminates the use of degreasers, pH balances, scale control solutions and mold removers. The most important step in starting any new water balancing system is to purge the hot tub plumbing system. This removes any lingering residue and hot tub chemicals in the pipes and hot tub. When switching over to Silk Balance products, the first step is to use Silk Balance Clean Start. This stabilizes your water chemistry so that it will be compatible with other Silk Balance products.  It automatically kills ..
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  7. Considerations for Buying a Replacement Hot Tub

    If you have had a hot tub before and you are considering buying a new one, there are many factors in the decision of what type to purchase. There is a variety of reasons you may need a new spa. Perhaps it's a replacement from storm damage or you are moving into a new place and the old one isn't coming with you. You may have outgrown the previous model or it's in need of repair and you would rather have a new one instead. Purchasing a replacement hot tub is different from buying one for the first time. You already know what to expect. You have some experience to rely on in choosing features and manufacturers. In your quest to find the right replacement hot tub, you will quickly discover that there are several new models on the market. If you're unhappy with your previous manufacturer, you may want to go in a different direction. If you're happy with your previous model, you may want to find something similar with a few upgrades. First, consider size. ..
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  8. How to use jet pump features

    How to use jet pump features on a Hot Spring control panel 2009-current   ..
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  9. How to use Memory Feature

    How to use the Memory feature on a Hot Spring Control panel 2009- current   ..
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