Hot Tub Helpful Tips Video

  1. Heater Replacement

      I will be showing you how to replace the heater in your Hot Spring hot tub. Follow my lead carefully to ensure the proper install. Replace Heater: Start by removing the screws that are holding down the heater. Remove the clamps from the hoses and disconnect everything from the heater. When disconnecting the hoses with a wrench, handle with care! Unscrew the ground wire. Losen with a wrench and remove the thermistor and high limit sensor with your hand. Release the wires from the control board. Once disconnected, collect the washers and put them off to the side. Take a wrench to the fitting around the wire leading to the control board. Use a flathead to loosen the wires on the control board. ..
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  2. Hot Tub Freeze Prevention Tips

    Helpful Tip when you loose power to your hot tub. Look for video below the 1st one to see how a sub pump can prevent freezing.   ..
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