Pool Maintenance

  1. Extend Your Swimming Season With Warmer Water Temperatures

    Solar heaters harness the sun's energy and keep pool water warm. For cooler climates, like New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New Jersey, solar heaters can extend your swimming season by several weeks. They also make for a more comfortable evening swim session after the sun has gone down and the air is cool. They can be used in above-ground, semi-in-ground and in-ground pools, including models from EZ Panel and Radiant Pools. Solar Pro Heater The Solar Pro Heater has changed and improved since the original solar unit came out some years ago. The XD1 increases your pool's water temperature up to 5 degrees F in about a week. Both models work on round and rectangular pools eight feet by 12 feet and up. The XD2 provides more power. Both versions are solar powered and don't require electricity or gas lines to operate. Solar Bypass Kits If you want to increase the heated surface area in your above-ground ..
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  2. Pool Lighting Brightens Up The Party

    One of the fun parts about having a backyard pool is having friends over for a weekend cookout and pool party. Guests can enjoy a quick dip in the water while the food is cooking. This gives people a chance to socialize and make new friends. Start the event with a cookout. After dinner, roast some marshmallows over the flames and wait for the sun to go down. This is when the fun in the pool really begins. Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries special lighting to make your pool party one to remember. Whether you have an EZ Panel Pool or another style, we have a variety of products, from fountains to floating lights to jazz up the atmosphere. They can be used in above-ground or in-ground pools. Floating Light-Up Pals If your kids love rubber duckies, consider a set of Floating Light-Up Pals. Invite the battery-powered duck, shark, dolphin and turtle to the festivities. These floaters light up in bright LED lights to take part ..
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  3. How to Place an EZ Panel Pool

    Setting up an EZ Panel pool in your backyard is one way to stay cool for the summer. One of the advantages to this model is that you can install it above or below ground. Another option is to put it partway in the ground. This is helpful for hilly terrain. There are several things to consider when choosing a location for an EZ Panel Pool in your back yard. Measure First, measure the amount of space available in your back yard. Check your property plat for exact property lines and check with your local government about any ordinances for placement. Some properties are not zoned for above-ground or below-ground swimming pools, so it's best to verify the guidelines before making a purchase. Find out how much space is available and choose the right size and shape for the area. Surface and Subsurface Check on the type of ground or soil in the preferred location. ..
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