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  1. Using Prefilters for Hard Water and Hot Tubs

    If you own a hot tub, you probably already know if you have hard water. You can adjust your hot tub maintenance routine to make your water feel more refreshing. You can also use spa chemicals and accessories to ensure the long life of your unit. If you haven't checked your water lately or you're getting a new spa, it's a good idea to test your water now. Find out what type of water you have, then decide how to balance it. Depending on the type of water you have at home and the type of water sanitizing system you use, you can take different steps. One of the most popular options is to adjust the calcium hardness of your water with hot tub chemicals. Another option is to use a prefilter to minimize the amount of metals and minerals that permeate your spa water. Some hot tub owners use them in tandem. What Is Hard Water? Hard water is heavy in metals and mineral deposits. When left untreated, hard water results ..
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  2. Quality Hot Tub Filters And Spa Supplies Make All The Difference

    Once you have invested in your familys comfort with a hot tub or spa, you will want to protect that investment with quality spa supplies to keep your spa running as efficiently and for as long as possible. Too many times, hot tubs sit unused, looking tattered and torn due to improper and inadequate care. Spa maintenance is a simple matter of replacing the hot tub filter regularly, maintaining the proper water chemistry and periodically checking the hoses and fittings for rust or damage. These simple steps will prevent expensive repairs and replacement costs and allow your family and friends to enjoy the warm, healing waters of your spa for years. Cut Costs With Efficient Heating And Regular Maintenance Spas are heated using electric, propane or natural gas heaters. Gas heaters are the most efficient, whereas electric heaters produce emissions in the immediate environment. Solar heaters ..
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  3. Hot Spring Provides Energy and Quality Efficient Heaters and Fil

    Hot Tub Spa Supplies offers a large assortment of Hot Spring spa parts. Hot Spring Portable Spas has been in business for more than 30 years. It has advanced hot tub heater technology. The company takes pride in being an Energy Efficient company. Total insulation with high density foam keeps the operating cost low. The heater and filtration systems' unique designs allow them to run with the utmost efficiency, and we have the replacement parts available for your maintenance needs. Typically, a hot tub heater is the most vulnerable component because of the high heat and chemicals being used. However, the heaters and elements of a Hot Spring heaters are made of titanium in order to prevent corrosion. The heaters are only used when necessary in order to provide you with optimal efficiency. All Hot Spring heaters come with a 5 year no-fault warranty. Hot Spring also has a great filtration system. All Hot Spring's patented Tri-X three-dimensional ..
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  4. Hot Tub Spa Supplies Has Your Spa Replacement Parts

    Hot Tubs and Spa Supplies has more than just spas and chemicals. We keep your hot tubs and spas running smoothly with replacement parts, too. Whether you need a new Hot Spring circulation pump or a heater relay, we can help. We offer a variety of parts and that are compatible with the spas that we sell here on our website, as well as some others. They include Tiger River, Caldera and Hot Spring spa parts. We know that hot tubs and spas don't develop problems very often. That's why we carry parts for models that are new and that were manufactured more than 25 years ago. While we probably have the replacement part you need, we also have a number of newer, more innovative parts that will work as well or better than what you had. The new E5 single speed circulation pump, for example, is a more efficient replacement part for the Silent 5000 and other one-speed Hot Spring circulation pumps dating all the way back to the 1980s. Hot Tubs and ..
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  5. Hot Spring Replacement Filter Cartridge Dual Core Filter Availab

    Hot Tub Spa Supplies now carries the Pleatco Pure advanced filtration system by Dual Core. The filters are used for both pools and spas. Unlike other types of specialized filters, these spa filters do not clog and restrict water flow. They have a longer life span. These cartridge filter systems can be used for a variety of hot tubs and pools from different manufacturers. For example, these filters work well as Hot Spring replacement filters for all models 1991 to present models. The water comes out cleaner and the filters last longer than the older ones, which is why they make great Hot Spring spa filters. Pleatco Pure is different from other types of filters, using two types of filtration media instead of just one. The outer part of the Advanced Filtration System (AFS) filter is made by Reemay. This filter is made of antimicrobial fabric, which means that although microscopic bacteria like to hide and multiply in your spa or pool, ..
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  6. Why Ignoring Your Spa Filters Costs More Money in the Long Run

    Sometimes in an effort to save a few dollars, people may be tempted to let their hot tub filters go a little longer than the recommended time before changing them. In more extreme cases, people have been known to remove them completely, attempting to run their hot tubs or spas without a filter at all when the machine is having problems with a dirty filter. While some models allow water to cycle through without a filter in it, this practice is unwise, and will end up costing you more money in the long run. Here's why. Spa filters prevent all of the particles from the outside world from getting into the inner workings of the spa. The filters prevent clogs in vents, drains and jets. This, in turn prolongs the life of the spa pump. Running your machine without spa filters can quickly cause problems that will cost more than the few dollars you save by pulling out your filter. If your filter is dirty, some types can be cleaned regularly, ..
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