Pool Cleaners

  1. What to Look for in an Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Keeping your pool clean is essential to prevent bacteria growth that could result in serious problems with your health. A pool needs to have clean, clear water to be safe. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by using an automatic pool cleaner in tandem with regular maintenance and testing for chemical levels. There are several products on the market that you need to consider as you focus on maintaining a clean pool. You should choose a pool cleaner that is affordable, reliable, and works well for your pool's needs. Determine Your Cleaning Needs Is your pool collecting a lot of leaves, sand, and other debris? Knowing how many things are clogging up your pool will help you find the right cleaner. Larger pools benefit the most from the use of automatic cleaners to prevent debris from clogging the pools and causing you to use manual cleaning devices. While manual cleaning tools aren't less effective for larger ..
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  2. An In-Depth Look Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaners

    One of the less than exotic features of having a pool in the back yard is that it must be cleaned regularly to keep it safe and healthy for swimmers. There are essentially two types of pool cleaners: vacuum cleaners and automatic pool cleaners. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry some of both. Different models are available for above-ground and in-ground pools. Let's take a look at some of our featured above-ground products. AquaBug One of our favorites is the Hayward AquaBug. It works on the bottom of all sizes and shapes of on ground and above-ground pools. It has a smart drive steering system so it covers the entire bottom area of the pool. Simply put it in the pool, hook it up to the pool's existing filtration system and in just a few quick steps, it will be cleaning your pool as you lounge on the deck. The AquaBug looks similar to a lady bug, so it won't scare the kids. Dirt Devil One of the most recognizable ..
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  3. Put a Baracuda In Your Pool

    Pools essentially are just that, a pool. The definition of that word is "a small body of standing water." Now, the term standing water implies that there is no current circulating the water, it is just there, standing. When water is standing it collects bacteria and germs that are not good for humans to be swimming in. To prevent this, one must clean their pool regularly, with products of chlorine, automatic pool cleaners, nets, and other chemicals that are harmful to bacteria but safe for people. The first step of cleaning your pool is to not let it get dirty in the first place. This is really quite an easy thing to do with the technology that is available today. Automatic pool cleaners such as the Zoran Baracuda Ranger Cleaner are constantly cleaning your pool for you. This particular model is an example of a "top of the line" automatic pool cleaner. Tools like a Baracuda pool cleaner are just one of the many ways to maintain good ..
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