While most spas work as expected every day, they can behave strangely from time to time. Figuring out exactly what's wrong with them and fixing the issue quickly is important. Every day they can't be used is a day without relaxation from a soothing soak. Hot tub circuit boards are at the root of almost every system, from the spa pump to the heater. The problem could lie within the part itself, or it could be the circuit board which controls the part. Let's take a look at a few of the more common problems that can crop up with hot tub circuit boards and how to troubleshoot them.

A control panel that triggers the wrong action or displays an invalid error code is a symptom that your hot tub circuit board is at the core of your problem. Worn connection points and burnt out solder joints can also require replacing your circuit board. If you have recently suffered a power outage due to a storm and electricity has been restored, you may find that your spa won't turn on. Aside from breaker box problems, a likely culprit is a damaged hot tub circuit board. A local lightning strike or a power surge can also burn out your circuitry. Using a quality surge protector at the electrical outlet can usually prevent this problem.

Identifying the Right Part
When you're ready to order spa replacement parts, there are three main ways to identify the serial number on hot tub circuit boards. If you know the manufacturer and model year of your spa, you can look it up online. Try using the Hot Tub Spa Supplies parts finder, for starters. Another option is to look on the old circuit board for the identification sticker. The long number printed on it is the serial number. This is easily used to order spa replacement parts. If the first two options are unsuccessful, look for a smaller label on the top of a microchip that contains a number. Once you've found the right part number, it can be ordered and replaced.  

Replacing Hot Tub Circuit Boards
The exact method of installing hot tub replacement parts is a little bit different for each manufacturer and model. For most, you'll need to simply unplug or unscrew the present board and then plug in or screw on the new one. Avoid handling the actual circuitry of both the old and the new parts during the process. Be sure that the entire unit is unplugged before you begin. Static electricity can damage the circuitry while replacing and installing your circuit boards. If you're uncomfortable handling electronic parts, you should call a professional hot tub repairman to do the job.