Sometimes in an effort to save a few dollars, people may be tempted to let their hot tub filters go a little longer than the recommended time before changing them. In more extreme cases, people have been known to remove them completely, attempting to run their hot tubs or spas without a filter at all when the machine is having problems with a dirty filter. While some models allow water to cycle through without a filter in it, this practice is unwise, and will end up costing you more money in the long run. Here's why.

Spa filters prevent all of the particles from the outside world from getting into the inner workings of the spa. The filters prevent clogs in vents, drains and jets. This, in turn prolongs the life of the spa pump. Running your machine without spa filters can quickly cause problems that will cost more than the few dollars you save by pulling out your filter.

If your filter is dirty, some types can be cleaned regularly, eliminating the need to be replaced frequently. Check on the filter's packaging and in your owner's manual for guidelines on how often it should be changed.

Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries a wide variety of spa supplies and brands, including Hot Spring filters for a variety of years and models. For some of the older spas, we carry compatible filters. For example, one of the Tri-X filters, part #73250, is a factory-original Hot Spring Replacement filter. It's a ceramic fiber filter cartridge which became a replacement for polyester types about six years ago. Its popularity stems from the fact that it filters water twice as fast, but is cleaned or changed less frequently. This Tri-X filter can replace spa filters for Hot Spring models from 1990 to present. It can also replace Hot Spot parts for '98 through '02. If you have a Solana Spa, it also works in all TX, SX, RX and X models.

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