Hot Tubs and Spa Supplies has more than just spas and chemicals. We keep your hot tubs and spas running smoothly with replacement parts, too. Whether you need a new Hot Spring circulation pump or a heater relay, we can help. We offer a variety of parts and that are compatible with the spas that we sell here on our website, as well as some others. They include Tiger River, Caldera and Hot Spring spa parts. We know that hot tubs and spas don't develop problems very often. That's why we carry parts for models that are new and that were manufactured more than 25 years ago.

While we probably have the replacement part you need, we also have a number of newer, more innovative parts that will work as well or better than what you had. The new E5 single speed circulation pump, for example, is a more efficient replacement part for the Silent 5000 and other one-speed Hot Spring circulation pumps dating all the way back to the 1980s.

Hot Tubs and Spa Supplies also carries a variety of filters. Not sure which type you need? Check out your owner's manual. If you no longer have it, just check our web site product list. If you don't see the parts you are looking for, be sure to contact us. We might have it in stock or we might be able to locate one for you.