Hot Tub Spa Supplies now carries the Pleatco Pure advanced filtration system by Dual Core. The filters are used for both pools and spas. Unlike other types of specialized filters, these spa filters do not clog and restrict water flow. They have a longer life span.

These cartridge filter systems can be used for a variety of hot tubs and pools from different manufacturers. For example, these filters work well as Hot Spring replacement filters for all models 1991 to present models. The water comes out cleaner and the filters last longer than the older ones, which is why they make great Hot Spring spa filters.

Pleatco Pure is different from other types of filters, using two types of filtration media instead of just one. The outer part of the Advanced Filtration System (AFS) filter is made by Reemay. This filter is made of antimicrobial fabric, which means that although microscopic bacteria like to hide and multiply in your spa or pool, this filter won't let it happen. Instead of letting the microbes double every 20 minutes, it keeps your water crystal clean. The smallest of particles are caught by the inner filter and trapped where they cannot multiply.

When some filer systems trap more particles, they cause the water flow to slow. This doesn't happen with the Pleatco Pure. It allows maximum water flow while still trapping particles. Rather than slowing water flow and backing up the system, there is no added stress on the filter or the spa or pool pump. This means that the pumps last longer, too.