Hot Tub Spa Supplies offers a large assortment of Hot Spring spa parts. Hot Spring Portable Spas has been in business for more than 30 years. It has advanced hot tub heater technology. The company takes pride in being an Energy Efficient company. Total insulation with high density foam keeps the operating cost low. The heater and filtration systems' unique designs allow them to run with the utmost efficiency, and we have the replacement parts available for your maintenance needs.

Typically, a hot tub heater is the most vulnerable component because of the high heat and chemicals being used. However, the heaters and elements of a Hot Spring heaters are made of titanium in order to prevent corrosion. The heaters are only used when necessary in order to provide you with optimal efficiency. All Hot Spring heaters come with a 5 year no-fault warranty. Hot Spring also has a great filtration system.

All Hot Spring's patented Tri-X three-dimensional filters provide reliable filtration. We carry the factory original Hot Spring replacement filer. The average cost to use the filtration system is less than a 75 watt light bulb. The filtration system is continuously filtering 10 - 15 times per day. The system is completely automatic. No programming is required. There is also no bypass with this unique system. This is important, because other filtration systems can bypass filtration when the jets are running. The Hot Spring filtration system provides the user with clean water at all times.

All of the filters are carefully matched with each tub. Multiple filters within the unit eliminates the need for sidewall suction fittings. By rotating the filter cartridges, the filtration system gets an extension on life. Hot Spring filters are top loading for easy installation and are machine washable. Hot Spring has won numerous awards, and the California Energy Commission certifies all of the Hot Spring models. The parts and services for Hot Spring are guaranteed and the company is committed to providing the spa owner with life-time customer service.