Once you have invested in your familys comfort with a hot tub or spa, you will want to protect that investment with quality spa supplies to keep your spa running as efficiently and for as long as possible. Too many times, hot tubs sit unused, looking tattered and torn due to improper and inadequate care.

Spa maintenance is a simple matter of replacing the hot tub filter regularly, maintaining the proper water chemistry and periodically checking the hoses and fittings for rust or damage. These simple steps will prevent expensive repairs and replacement costs and allow your family and friends to enjoy the warm, healing waters of your spa for years.

Cut Costs With Efficient Heating And Regular Maintenance

Spas are heated using electric, propane or natural gas heaters. Gas heaters are the most efficient, whereas electric heaters produce emissions in the immediate environment. Solar heaters are also available. Spa temperatures range from 100 to 104°F, depending upon the owner's preferences. Spas can be allowed to cool off between uses or they can be maintained at the optimal temperature, making them more readily available. High quality insulation and a sturdy spa cover will make significant cuts in the energy and evaporation costs of maintaining your hot tub.

Your spa will not operate properly without regular care and replacement of your hot tub filters. Hot tub filters can be rotated and cleaned at home, but only up to a point. Contact your local spa supplies dealer for information on soaking solutions and procedures. Ideally, you will replace your hot tub filter every 3 to 4 months and at every water change. Automatic filter cartridge cleaning systems are another option to consider when talking with your spa supplies representative.

Use High Quality Spa Supplies And Chemicals

Water chemistry is very important to the health of your spa and your family. Bacteria and other microorganisms thrive in the warm, wet habitat offered by hot tubs. Many people automatically think of chlorine as a good water treatment option and household detergents as a great spa cleaner but chlorine is bad for hot tub filters (and people) and detergents will cause foaming in your hot tub. Talk with your spa supplies dealer to indentify the right products for your spa and your region. Different water chemistries require different treatments.

Scale buildup is a problem in some areas. Be sure to shop for spa supplies that safely treat this problem without compromising the surface integrity of your hot tub. If you discover a particularly resilient strain of microorganism has set up shop in your hot tub, there are non-chlorine shock treatments that contain potassium monopersulfate to eradicate these little buggers without damaging your spa. Other common spa supplies include sanitizers, oxidizers, mineral purifiers, anti-foam agents, water clarifiers, hot tub filter cleaners and degreasers, odor reducers and natural spa enzymes.

Stock Up And Save

Watch for sales at your local spa supply store and develop a good relationship with your local dealer. They can be a wealth of information. Most spa supplies can be stored for extended periods of time and it would be a shame to render your hot tub unusable simply because you have run out of regularly used products.