1. Improve Spa Safety With the SmartStep from Leisure Concepts

    One way to make your spa a safer place with more convenient access is to put steps at the entrance. Leisure Concepts has spa steps that make it easier to get in and out of the tub. They are available in two different sizes and in an assortment of colors, including sand, taupe, redwood, Portobello, merlot and walnut teak. Safety Steps that are placed fairly close together create a better balance platform for people climbing in and out. Shifting weight from one foot to the next is harder to do when the distance and height are greater. Leisure Concepts' Smart Step products are made in the U.S. and have a rubber tread which minimizes slipperiness without hurting bare feet, wet or dry. Durability The Smart Step is strong and sturdy, ..
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  2. Troubleshooting Cold or Flat Water in Hot Spring Spas

    One of the things that makes Hot Spring spas so relaxing is that the water is hot and the jet pumps circulate water to keep the water hot and bubbly throughout the basin. When the water temperature and circulation are not working at their normal levels, the water will feel cold. It might not be circulating normally. When troubleshooting the problem, this is a clue that it's time to replace some parts. Hot Spring spa parts are available here online. As long as you have the make and model information, you can easily order new Hot Spring heaters, jet pumps and other components. If you don't know your model information, check your owner's manual or look inside the hot tub's equipment cabinet. Check out the labels on the cabinet walls or floor that provide the serial number, model name and number, year of manufacture and the name of ..
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  3. How to Find Hot Spring Spa Parts Serial Numbers

    When it comes to ordering spa parts and hot tub accessories, one of the most important things to know is the manufacturer's name and which model you have. You'll often need serial numbers to find the right hot tub replacement parts. Most models have the information placed inside the cabinet where the equipment is located.    To find serial numbers and model information for Watkins or Hot Spring Spa parts, for example, you'll need to start by opening up the equipment door. Inside, you'll see a series of stickers either on the floor of the compartment or on the back wall. These labels contain important information for you to use in ordering accessories, such as spa covers, or replacement parts, such as Hot Spring heaters. The stickers are labeled with the name of the manufacturer and the model. Other details are also listed, such as the serial number, year of manufacture and the power specifications...
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  4. Ordering the Right Caldera Spa Cover

    With spa season just beginning, now is a good time to do a quick inspection of your Caldera spa parts and accessories. After a harsh winter, you might want to set aside some time to check over your spa cover. If you haven't already done a spring cleaning, this is probably a good time for it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning solutions, being sure not to use anything abrasive. In fact, it might just need a quick dusting off, rather than a thorough cleaning. Although they are durable, Caldera spa covers occasionally need to be replaced. They are factory made and need to be special ordered to make sure that you have a snug and efficient fit. Caldera spa covers come in small and medium sizes for the Kuai, Aventine, Tahitian, Marino, Vanto, Oasis, Cumberland, Martinique and Aspire models. They are designed to fit the shape and size for ..
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  5. How to Choose a Spa Umbrella Base

    There are different varieties of spa umbrellas on the market today. They all have the same purpose, which is to improve your spa experience by providing protection from the sun, snow and rain. While most people are concerned with the shape and style of the canopy, choosing the right spa umbrella stand or base is important too. The Spa Umbrella from Leisure Concepts that's available through our Hot Tub Spa Supplies store comes in two umbrella models, one with a freestanding base and one called a spa base with storage. They each have different features that are ideal for different situations. Which one you choose will depend on how you plan to use your Spa Umbrella. Spa Base The spa base is custom designed by Leisure Concepts to fit with a spa cabinet. The bottom of the base slides a short way underneath and is firmly attached to the side of your spa ..
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  6. Extend Your Swimming Season With Warmer Water Temperatures

    Solar heaters harness the sun's energy and keep pool water warm. For cooler climates, like New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New Jersey, solar heaters can extend your swimming season by several weeks. They also make for a more comfortable evening swim session after the sun has gone down and the air is cool. They can be used in above-ground, semi-in-ground and in-ground pools, including models from EZ Panel and Radiant Pools. Solar Pro Heater The Solar Pro Heater has changed and improved since the original solar unit came out some years ago. The XD1 increases your pool's water temperature up to 5 degrees F in about a week. Both models work on round and rectangular pools eight feet by 12 feet and up. The XD2 provides more power. Both versions are solar powered and don't require electricity or gas lines to operate. Solar Bypass Kits If you want to increase the heated surface area in your above-ground ..
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  7. Prepare for Spa Season With Accessories From Leisure Concepts

    With spring just around corner, it's time to start planning for your spa season. Hot Spring Spa Supplies has a variety of quality products from Leisure Concepts to make your spa a little more convenient and a little more comfortable. One way to enhance your spa and hot tub experience is with features that keep you from having to repeatedly get in and out of your hot tub and running inside or walking across the patio for things you need while you're supposed to be relaxing. Towel Bar Keep your towels close. The Leisure Concepts Towel Bar attaches to the outside wall of your spa and keeps them clean and dry. It extends far enough away from steam and splashing water to prevent towels from getting wet. It's also close enough to grab quickly, especially for those chilly days when you wish you could stay in the hot tub forever. When you're not in your spa, ..
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  8. Covermate Hot Tub Cover Lifters Make Lid Removal Easier

    Spa covers come in many shapes and forms. Some are easier to remove than others. Use hot tub covers to keep the heat and moisture in and the debris out when you're not soaking. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry a variety of models to fit your spa perfectly. Attach a hot tub cover lifter to make an easy transition from on to off and back again. This is especially helpful for people who want to take a soak by themselves and have no one to help them remove the cover. Some lids are heavier than others, so it can be difficult, depending on the model. The Covermate systems remove the strain of taking the cover off and putting it back on by lifting it and stowing it beside the unit. Covermate I Be sure to check whether your spa brand and model can be used with the standard bracket mounting system that comes with the Covermate I. There are specialty brackets ..
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  9. 1998/1999/2000 Tiger River Bengal Model M

    1998/1999/2000 Tiger River Bengal Model M is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example. ..
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  10. How Hot Tubs Help Arthritis Sufferers Cope With Pain

    For arthritis sufferers, pain is an everyday reality. While medical treatment such as pain relievers and physical therapy can help to alleviate some of the discomfort, the growing trend is for patients to buy a hot tub to use at home. It not only helps to lessen the daily pain, it can also be used by other members of the household for relaxation. It provides quality time for family and friends while improving the quality of life for arthritis sufferers. Heat Heat has long been a means of soothing sore muscles and ebbing the aches and pains associated with arthritis. Hot tub heaters increase the water temperature to help bathers relax by diminishing the inflammation in tense and swollen muscles and tissue. Pressure The exertion of pressure to backs, legs, arms and joints allows blood flow in the body to increase. This, in turn, increases the flow of oxygen circulation in the body and reduces inflammation...
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  11. Why Shock Your Spa?

    Some spa water treatment recommendations include the use of shock for maintenance. There are several different types of water treatment and varying systems for spa chemicals. While the novice or non-spa owner might think of shock treatments as something to do with electricity, it's quite the opposite when it comes to spas. In spa terminology, shock is another term for oxidizing the water. It's helpful in creating clearer, fresher water. Non-Chlorine Shock Hot Springs MPS is a non-chlorine spa shock treatment. Used in addition to ozone, bromine or chlorine, it is a non-chlorine oxidizer that helps to reduce odors in the water that can be offensive while soaking. It neutralizes the smell of chloramines and ammonia, which can be unpleasant. It's not meant to be a disinfectant, so other spa chemicals are still needed. Non-chlorine shock additives should be added about once a week to improve your water clarity and hot tub experience while breaking ..
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  12. Elemental Appeals to The Artist In You

    If you're moved by an artistic streak and like lots of choices to customize items on your deck, you might want to make a statement with your next hot tub. While you can choose from a variety of features in Elemental hot tubs, one of the models provides a creative outlet for your fashion sense and style preference. The Elemental Canvas allows you to choose specific features to your new spa before it arrives. It is the variation in personal preference that makes every Elemental Canvas spa the right fit for each household and environment. Exterior In keeping with the basic elements of earth, fire, water and air, Elemental spas provides a complementary slate of colors for the new spa owner's preference. Deco Panels come in a variety of earth tone colors and patterns, including Teak, Mahogany, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold ..
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