Spas come in a broad array of sizes, from single person spas to models that seat a dozen people comfortably. There's more to choosing the right size, however, than simply counting up the numbers of people that you expect to join you in the tub. The following tips can help you choose the spa that fits your budget and therapeutic expectations, as well as one that's sized right for you and your household.

Weighing Your Options
Whether you're installing your new spa inside your home or outdoors under the wide-open sky, it's important to provide adequate support for the weight of the tub after it's filled with bubbling warm water. For spas installed outdoors on level ground, weight likely won't be an issue in choosing a size. If installed on a wooden deck or inside your home, however, you may be limited to selecting smaller sizes unless you enlist help from a structural engineer who can advise you how to upgrade supports to handle the spa's weight safely.

Other Factors to Consider
The choice between a permanent or portable hot tub can affect your size options too. Permanent spas are typically made from acrylic molds and are designed to remain in place. Portable tubs made from marine-grade vinyl are lighter, making it easy to take the spa with you when you move. Small-size tubs also offer the convenience of plug-and-play operation, allowing you to power up the tub simply by plugging it into an electrical outlet. Larger spas may require wiring the tub directly to your circuit breaker panel.

Therapeutic Concerns
If you're shopping for a hot tub primarily for therapeutic reasons, a single-person spa is fine if your space is extremely limited. You may receive better results, however, from a larger size. A two-seater allows space for beneficial hot tub accessories, like therapy jets designed to massage specific parts of your body. By moving from one part of the spa to another, you can enjoy a variety of therapeutic sprays.

If you want to indulge in a relaxing and invigorating experience solo, there are single-person spas available in every price point, including luxurious models offered by SpaBerry. Whatever size you choose, you can look forward to enjoying a hot tub that fulfills your expectations for many seasons to come.