While using your hot tub in the early morning and during the daytime on the weekends is convenient, it's the evening soak in your spa that is truly relaxing. Perhaps it's because the busy sounds of the daily hubbub have quieted down, as if your entire neighborhood has gone into relaxation mode. The mood of your back yard can make your hot tub experience a truly satisfying one. By adding in some simple yet significant features to your property and picking up a few hot tub supplies, you'll enjoy the unit even more in the evening.
Change the ambiance of soaking in your hot tub in the evening by adjusting your outdoor lighting. If you don't have anything set up, consider stringing lights around the ceiling area of your porch or securely up above your hot tub. Use a seasonal theme or coordinate the colors with the rest or your outdoor decor. Set up security lighting along the outer perimeter of your yard so that the bright lights won't shine in your eyes. Solar lighting along the pathway to your hot tub is helpful when it's situated in your yard off of the deck or patio.  

Fire Pit
Stay warm in or out of your spa. Add a fire pit to your patio. It will be a cozy addition when you're relaxing before, during or after soaking n the hot tub. If you like to entertain, a fire pit is a great addition for guests to sit beside while waiting for a turn in the spa. Be sure to leave enough space between the fire area and the rest of the furniture to avoid any issues with heat absorption or melting.

Secluded Location
While putting a hot tub on the deck outside your sliding glass doors is very convenient, some homeowners would rather avoid a deck location. Whether you're uncomfortable with the strength of the foundation or you wish to have a more private and secluded outing, you can create an oasis in your yard. Fence in your hot tub with latticework or an evergreen windbreak. Be sure to put in a pathway that is comfortable on bare feet. You'll need to accommodate the plumbing and electrical features, as well as have a nearby place to store your towels, supplies and hot tub chemicals.