If you're planning to move to a new home, you might wonder what to do with your hot tub. You can take it with you. In some cases, like if you're selling your house, the buyers might ask you to let it convey so that they can enjoy it. You can always get a new one, of course, but if you're attached to it or you've decided to take it along, there are a few steps you'll need to follow to safely and successfully move your hot tub. This also holds true if you're changing the location from one place to another on the same property.

Helping Hands
Ideally, four people can move the hot tub using a sturdy appliance or furniture dolly. Have one person on each end and two people on the sides to guide it. Delegate one person to watch for clearance issues, and make sure all of your helpers understand the plan.

Before the Move
Make sure that the hot tub is unplugged and drained before attempting to move it. Wipe out the basin and secure any loose hoses and fittings. Remove any hot tub accessories, like your spa umbrella, cover, steps and anything in the utility cabinet. Check the dolly for its weight limit and make sure that the wheels are properly inflated. This is one task where you definitely don't want a tire blow-out. Plan your route. If there are doorways or stairs involved, be sure to measure the width for clearance space. If you're going to a new location, put moving blankets onto the truck floor to protect the spa's exterior.

In Action
The easiest way to move a hot tub is to tip it on its side. Tilt one end up slightly and slide the dolly underneath. Gently push the spa over so that it's cradled on the bottom and back of the dolly at a 45-degree angle, then strap it in securely. Alternatively, some dollies have four wheels and are long enough to securely lie the hot tub on it at a 90-degree angle. Move the unit to its new position or load it onto a moving truck. Avoid grass and uneven surfaces when possible so that the wheels won't get stuck on divots or bumps. Secure your hot tub inside the moving truck and put the cover or a sheet overtop to protect the interior. Remove the dolly.

Upon Arrival
After arriving at the spa's new location, clear space for the hot tub on a sturdy surface that makes sense. Reload it onto the dolly and cart it to its new home. Gently shift the unit to the ground on its side, removing the dolly. Carefully turn the hot tub onto its bottom and gently lower it to the ground and into position. Make sure that all connections are hooked up properly before refilling and plugging in your spa. Put the spa accessories back in place.