Solar heaters harness the sun's energy and keep pool water warm. For cooler climates, like New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New Jersey, solar heaters can extend your swimming season by several weeks. They also make for a more comfortable evening swim session after the sun has gone down and the air is cool. They can be used in above-ground, semi-in-ground and in-ground pools, including models from EZ Panel and Radiant Pools.

Solar Pro Heater
The Solar Pro Heater has changed and improved since the original solar unit came out some years ago. The XD1 increases your pool's water temperature up to 5 degrees F in about a week. Both models work on round and rectangular pools eight feet by 12 feet and up. The XD2 provides more power. Both versions are solar powered and don't require electricity or gas lines to operate.

Solar Bypass Kits
If you want to increase the heated surface area in your above-ground pool with the Solar Pro Heater to cover the full square footage of your pool water, you can connect several heaters in sequence for more efficient heating. Use the Solar Pro Bypass Kit to connect multiple solar heaters together to help regulate water flow for added warmth and comfort in larger pools.

Tips for Warmer Water
There are other ways to help keep your pool water warm in addition to solar pool heaters. We also carry gas-powered heaters, as well as solar pool covers. To maximize the sun's heat, be sure to locate your EZ Panel or Radiant semi-inground pools away from fully shaded areas in the yard. Regular maintenance of your pool filters and water filtration pumping systems keeps water flowing and circulating for a clean and refreshing pool experience.