Setting up an EZ Panel pool in your backyard is one way to stay cool for the summer. One of the advantages to this model is that you can install it above or below ground. Another option is to put it partway in the ground. This is helpful for hilly terrain. There are several things to consider when choosing a location for an EZ Panel Pool in your back yard.

First, measure the amount of space available in your back yard. Check your property plat for exact property lines and check with your local government about any ordinances for placement. Some properties are not zoned for above-ground or below-ground swimming pools, so it's best to verify the guidelines before making a purchase. Find out how much space is available and choose the right size and shape for the area.

Surface and Subsurface
Check on the type of ground or soil in the preferred location. Rocky, sandy or clay soil may cause issues with the pressure and placement. When installing a pool above ground, be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions regarding placing a pad below the pool. The pool's size, weight, shape and installation type will affect the placement. Look for a level area. The pool may need to be installed semi-above-ground if there is not a level enough area. One option for privacy is to install the pool just behind and partly into the hill. This will slightly obscure the view of neighbors or passersby. Make sure that any land or underground surveys for utilities are completed before a final site location is chosen.

Depending on how much space is available in the yard, try to choose a place where the pool can be seen from the house, but not from the street or the neighbor's yard. If there are children in the household, adults should check the vantage point from the room with closest access to the door outside.