One of the fun parts about having a backyard pool is having friends over for a weekend cookout and pool party. Guests can enjoy a quick dip in the water while the food is cooking. This gives people a chance to socialize and make new friends. Start the event with a cookout. After dinner, roast some marshmallows over the flames and wait for the sun to go down. This is when the fun in the pool really begins. Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries special lighting to make your pool party one to remember. Whether you have an EZ Panel Pool or another style, we have a variety of products, from fountains to floating lights to jazz up the atmosphere. They can be used in above-ground or in-ground pools.

Floating Light-Up Pals
If your kids love rubber duckies, consider a set of Floating Light-Up Pals. Invite the battery-powered duck, shark, dolphin and turtle to the festivities. These floaters light up in bright LED lights to take part in nighttime swimming games or just bob along for company. They automatically turn off after an hour, so it won't hurt if the kids forget to take them out of the pool when they leave.

Game Pool Light
When you want to make sure that little swimmers are safe and having fun, add a remote-control LED pool wall light. Attach the light to the above-ground or in-ground pool wall for a longer swim time. This battery-powered light has two settings and can also float on the surface for a unique look.

Light Show
Create your own light show in the pool. The Floating Disco Ball glows in the dark wherever it goes. Brightly colored lights can project from its legs to illuminate the pool in bright colors. You can put it on a stand or float it in the water to project colors almost anywhere. If people will be swimming, you can hang it above or attach it to the wall. If you prefer underwater colors with a special elegance, try the ULTRA underwater Light and Fountain. It floats and spins, creating a fountain of changing colors in and above the water. No installation hoses are required. It is battery powered and will automatically turn off after an hour.