Owning a spa can lower stress and help you to relax. There are some features and products that can be used to reduce the amount of time spent on spa maintenance so that you can spend more time in your hot tub.  Here's how to make hot tubs even more stress-free.

Hi-Tech Filters
One way to spend less time changing and replacing your spa filters is to switch to the Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter. It contains a more complex filtration system that traps smaller debris and more of it before allowing the water to flow through your hot tub's water system. These Tri-X filters are compatible with a wide variety of hot tub models.

Water Care
If you want to do away with pH tests to regulate your hot tub chemicals, try Silk Balance. It's a water care system that automatically regulates the right levels of calcium and alkaline so that your water is clear and your skin feels soft. It reduces the amount of bacteria and lime scale in the water and in your spa's plumbing system. The product uses a shake and pour method that's added once a week instead of playing games and mixing spa chemicals separately.

Freshwater AG+ Products
If your spa is equipped with an ozonator, you might want to check out the Freshwater AG+ cartridge. Use it with Hotspot, Solana, Tiger River and Hot Spring spas for cleaner water. The Freshwater AG+ Continuous Silver Ion Purifier is also used with ozone systems, but shouldn't be used with bromine. These both last about four months, which makes maintenance less frequent so you can spend more time soaking in your hot tub instead of maintaining it.