Chlorine is the most common spa sanitizer. You can recognize chlorine in any pool or spa by its distinctive smell, which is also one of its drawbacks. However, chlorine is widely used so it is inexpensive and readily available. It comes in a granular form with is then dissolved in water before being added as a spa sanitizer. Overall, chlorine is highly effective in killing bacteria and is very cost efficient, but requires multiple manual doses over the course of a year along with its signature odor. Make certain to only use sodium di-chlor as a spa sanitizer along with a stabilizer.


Bromine is a chemical cousin to chlorine and comes in a tablet form that is used in a floating dispenser. Bromine is more convenient to use while still being reasonably priced and available for purchase. As a spa sanitizer, it performs well but will also lower the water pH which will need to be neutralized in order to prevent damage to the spa. Thankfully, bromine does not have that same smell to it. An oxidizer is necessary when using this chemical in order to activate the sanitation potential; ozone is a commonly used oxidant.


Ozone spa supplies are non-chemical sanitation boosters. Alone, they are not enough to keep a spa clean. They are used in conjunction with chlorine or bromine in order to reduce the needed amount of chemicals and the accompanying odor. They are applying in bulbs that can be easily fitted to nearly any spa and will last two to four years. They can be expensive in themselves, but will reduce the amount of chemical sanitizers needed over those years. Ozone should not be used for in-door spas.


Ionizers clean spa water by running an electrical current between a set of copper and silver electrodes. This method requires no chemicals, does not change pH levels, and is safe for use in-doors. These systems can be on the expensive side and the electrodes need to be replaced every year or two. However, there is no harsh effect to the skin or spa parts. The water will need to be periodically shocked, but otherwise, ionizers are effective spa sanitizers.

These four options cover many of the typical spa supplies used for sanitation. Many different methods are available ranging from chemical treatments to electrical cleaning. In-door, out-door, chemicals, or non-chemical, there is a sanitizer to fill any need.