Hot Tub Chemicals: Chlorine And Bromine

The most common methods for sanitizing hot tubs are by using chlorine or bromine. Leisure Time carries both products in concentrated tablets that are excellent for use in spa feeders and floaters. These hot tub chemicals are designed to slowly dissolve to provide long term water sanitation.

Chlorine works by killing bacteria directly; water with dissolved chlorine does not support bacterial life. It is an effective and cost efficient method for spa maintenance, but comes with a few drawbacks. Most people know about chlorine's distinctive odor and it can put off many spa owners; it is also unhealthy for skin and eyes. Bromine is a chemical cousin to chlorine and acts in much the same way. Thankfully, it has a much less noticeable smell and is less harsh.

Both hot tub chemicals require frequent water testing to ensure proper pH and sanitizer levels to keep spa equipment working properly. Combined with their harsh nature, many owners seek to find alternative cleaning products other than hot tub chemicals.

Non-Chemical Spa Supplies

Silk Balance has put out a unique product for spa sanitation. Rather than attempting to kill bacteria, the company offers a mineral based solution. The active ingredients utilize what is known as BioFilm Dispersion Technology that inhibits the growth of bacterial slime by reducing the surface tension of the spa.

This innovative approach to hot tub care can fundamentally change how owners perform water care. There are chemistry test kits for pH, alkalinity, or hardness while the minerals are automatically dosed into a spa. The overall effect is a care system that leaves behind no odors, contains no skin irritants of allergens, and requires very little testing or attention. As a side effect, the water minerals can actually improve skin health as well.

Soft Soak Spa Supplies

Soft Soak produces a multi-component spa care system that is also chlorine and bromine free. It consists of a four part program including a sanitizer, shock, conditioner, and scale control. The sanitizer works by using polymeric action to bind contaminants together so that they can be caught in the filter. A periodic shock treatment oxidizes the water to remove body oils and debris. A conditioner is used during a season's startup to prevent waterline marks. The scale control is a weekly treatment that prevents buildup on spa parts and in filters,

Overall, the system is effective without the use of harsh, pungent chemicals. Once a maintenance routine is put into place, the system runs smoothly.

For spa owners, there are many hot tub cleaning products available to better serve different needs. From chemical based cleaning systems to odorless sanitizers, spa supplies are made to fit any lifestyle.