Sensible Sanitation

There are many organisms that thrive in warm, wet environments which means that the sanitation of your spa is very important, both for your health and the well-being of your spa. To facilitate a healthy environment, hot tub filters, pumps and other spa supplies, such as bromine, chlorine or mineral sanitizers are used regularly. Some spas use an ozone generator, UV sterilization or a spa ionizer to improve sanitation.

Proper maintenance of your spa requires developing a positive relationship with your local spa supplies dealer. Look for a dealer who offers quality products at low prices while providing a positive shopping experience. Knowledgeable sales associates should be ready, willing and able to answer all of your questions.

Hot Tub Filters And Pumps

Your hot tub has a circulation pump, which serves the filtration and heating systems. In addition, you may have one to four jets, also powered by pumps. Your system will also have a suction system that pulls the water back into the filtration system. Calcium and pH levels are the most significant indicators of your hot tub’s safety and wellness. Water chemistry problems can result in health problems and damage to the pipes and fittings of your hot tub or spa.

Hot tub filters must be replaced periodically, depending upon usage and weather conditions. Dirty filters can become clogged and risk damaging the entire system as well as compromising your health. It is advisable to shower before using your hot tub to prevent natural skin oils, cosmetics, lotions and hair from clogging your hot tub filter.

Stock Up On Spa Supplies

For your own convenience, it is a good idea to have all of your spa supplies readily at hand. Potassium monopersulfate is useful when a non-chlorine shock is needed to eliminate persistent microorganisms. Chlorine can be used but it is as toxic to people as it is to bacteria and should only be used when everything else fails.

Common spa supplies include oxidizers, mineral purifiers, sanitizers, fragrances, accessory chemicals, balancers and soft soak supplies. Accessory chemical include products that clarify the water, remove scale and stains, vinyl cover protectorant, anti foam agents, spa filter cleaner and degreasers, natural spa enzymes, which break down oils before they can damage your hot tub filter, water fresheners and odor reducers. Anyone who has ever added epsom salts to a hot bath knows how silky smooth your skin feels afterwards. Products such as SpaGuard’s Spa Silken can create the same effect in your hot tub. Other handy tools include a tub washing mitt, which will prevent scratching the surface, and BioGuard test strips which allow you to conveniently test the water chemistry of your hot tub.

Taking proper care of your hot tub with the assistance of a reputable spa supply dealer will provide you and your family with years of therapeutic and recreational enjoyment in your own personal hot tub or spa. The health benefits of regular hot tub usage are many but the best part is when your friends all come over, knowing that your yard or home boasts the exceptional experience of a long soak in a warm, fragrant hot tub, sipping cool beverages, listening to music or enjoying intimate conversation. It doesn’t get much better than that!