Ionizers clean water through an electrolysis process. This system runs a low voltage current between mineral alloy electrodes. This process releases trace amount of the mineral that effectively kills bacteria, algae, viruses, and mold. Electrolyzed water can even be used as a disinfectant. However, the water minerals do not affect the skin or eyes and makes for a pleasant hot tub experience. The mineral electrodes are replaced every season, providing a chemical free and low maintenance alternative to harsh additives.

Polymeric Action

New spa supplies that have hit the market are using polymeric action to clean hot tub water. Technically speaking, a mineral based solution reduces the surface tension of the water inhibiting the growth of bacterial slime on the surface. This means that there is a total lack of chemical additives. These products also contain ingredients to improve overall skin health and enhance water clarity.


Ozone water purifiers work by “oxidizing” water, which kills germs and bacteria along with breaking down body oils and skin care products. While ozone is a very effective spa sanitizer, it usually needs to work as a compliment to chlorine. However, the required amount of chlorine is reduced up to 90%, virtually eliminating the chemical’s odor and skin reaction and its corrosive effect on spa supplies and equipment.

Magnetic Water Conditioning

Magnetizers are devices that are strapped onto a spa’s piping that emits a harmless magnetic field onto the flowing water. This improves water clarity and removes organic material, leading to a hot tub with less scale and bacteria. Again, chemicals are often still required to supplement magnetic conditioning, but the concentration can be significantly reduced to eliminate side effects. Scale and mineral buildup can also be removed and filtered from piping, pumps, and heaters after it has been magnetized.

Other Mineral Choices

A cousin of the Pool Frog, the Spa Frog works in the same way. A mineral filled cartridge is placed in a hot tub filter well or skimmer tray so that the water flows through it. The mineral action is able to kill the majority of organic matter and bacteria in the water, requiring a greatly reduced amount of chlorine. Mineral systems also work well with ozone and can provide clean water without the unpleasant side effects of chemicals.

Overall, there is good reason to eliminate or reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine in spa water. Keeping our eyes and skin safe and free from irritation while simultaneously helping to prevent spa corrosion are the main goals for non-chemical spa sanitizers.