There are several different water systems you can use to keep your hot tub clean and your water feeling fresh. One of the most popular product lines is Silk Balance. It makes the application of spa chemicals easier and takes out some of the guesswork found in other water conditioning systems. This self-adjusting solution is used once a week. The shake and pour bottle eliminates the use of degreasers, pH balances, scale control solutions and mold removers.

The most important step in starting any new water balancing system is to purge the hot tub plumbing system. This removes any lingering residue and hot tub chemicals in the pipes and hot tub. When switching over to Silk Balance products, the first step is to use Silk Balance Clean Start. This stabilizes your water chemistry so that it will be compatible with other Silk Balance products.  It automatically kills bacteria and eliminates any black or white spa mold and uses an active oxygen ingredient to keep the surface and plumbSilk Balance, Elemental hot tubsng clean.

Silk Balance Clean Start is especially helpful if your present water cleaning and conditioning system leaves foamy residue or biofilm floating in your spa water. Once you have switched water conditioning systems, you only need to use the Clean Start additive once a year. It can be used in any brand spa, including Hot Spring, Caldera, Tiger River and Elemental hot tubs.