When it comes to choosing the right hot tub, size is an important factor. It's a very basic decision that affects many other hot tub features. The size has a significant impact on cost, placement, amenities, type, manufacturer and how many people can fit inside at once. It could affect how you spend your time and how you entertain. Which size hot tub you purchase also affects your hot tub chemicals routine, how you use it and how long it takes to fill. People with a large family or couples who enjoy entertaining might consider a larger spa. Large spas can seat about seven or eight people, sometimes more.

Size affects where to place the spa. There should be at least a foot of space available all around it so that people can get in and out. It can be placed inside or outside, although most people find outdoor locations easier to maintain. This includes using a screened in porch or covered deck. When considering location, the operational weight is also a factor.

Hot tub size affects the amount of water and electricity used. Naturally, a larger hot tub holds more water. It requires more hot tub chemicals for maintenance and may require a heavy-duty electrical outlet. The water and electricity sources should be easily accessible.  

While it is tough to estimate how often other people might come over to enjoy the hot tub, those who like hosting parties will find all kinds of opportunities to invite friends over for get-togethers. This adds to the usability and size needed.

The larger the model, the more likely it will have interesting features. For example, many of the larger models offer lighting displays and selections, more seating, different types of jets and a remote to control water flow and temperature.

Hot tub replacement parts are typically available for any type of spa or hot tub and don't factor into the consideration of size as much as the amount of usage. For a first-time buyer, making sure there is enough room for a few guests beyond those who live in the home is a practical idea. If you have a large family, you'll need enough space for everyone to be able to fit in it for family fun.