If you have had a hot tub before and you are considering buying a new one, there are many factors in the decision of what type to purchase. There is a variety of reasons you may need a new spa. Perhaps it's a replacement from storm damage or you are moving into a new place and the old one isn't coming with you. You may have outgrown the previous model or it's in need of repair and you would rather have a new one instead. Purchasing a replacement hot tub is different from buying one for the first time. You already know what to expect. You have some experience to rely on in choosing features and manufacturers.

In your quest to find the right replacement hot tub, you will quickly discover that there are several new models on the market. If you're unhappy with your previous manufacturer, you may want to go in a different direction. If you're happy with your previous model, you may want to find something similar with a few upgrades. First, consider size. There are some nice smaller lines from Elemental Hot Tubs that you may not have seen before. How much space you have for your spa is an important factor. If you want to go bigger, you'll find extras on many of these models, such as more sophisticated lighting displays and hook-ups for music and television entertainment. If you like throwing hot tub parties, take a look at the features for seating and the number and types of jets available.

Satisfaction and durability are also factors. Hot Spring, Watkins, Caldera and Free Flow are among the many reputable brands. Be sure to look into the availability of hot tub replacement parts. We carry easy and hard to find parts for all of these manufacturers, plus Hot Spot parts and Solana parts, which are also reliable lines.

At Hot Tub spa Supplies, we carry a variety of hot tubs and hot tub replacement parts. We have discount prices on all of our inventory, so you can get more value for your money. If  your needs have changed and you're having a hard time deciding which replacement hot tub will best fit your lifestyle, our Hot Tub Spa Supplies representatives can give you some objective input on size, style and features. Contact our customer service staff at (914) 237-5606 for more information.