Keeping your pool clean is essential to prevent bacteria growth that could result in serious problems with your health. A pool needs to have clean, clear water to be safe. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by using an automatic pool cleaner in tandem with regular maintenance and testing for chemical levels. There are several products on the market that you need to consider as you focus on maintaining a clean pool. You should choose a pool cleaner that is affordable, reliable, and works well for your pool's needs.

Determine Your Cleaning Needs
Is your pool collecting a lot of leaves, sand, and other debris? Knowing how many things are clogging up your pool will help you find the right cleaner. Larger pools benefit the most from the use of automatic cleaners to prevent debris from clogging the pools and causing you to use manual cleaning devices. While manual cleaning tools aren't less effective for larger pools than for smaller ones, they are much more time consuming to use, making automatic cleaners a very attractive option. A suction cleaner will stick to the side of the pool and will clean the fine particles from the pool, and combined with regular skimming of the surface should be enough to keep your pool free from irritating debris.

Removing Sand From A Pool
Use The Pool Girl to remove sand and other particles from your pool. This automatic cleaner looks like a tiny car that rolls along the bottom of your pool to clean it. This model installs in minutes, is easy to remove and drain, and can be modified to suit the size and shape of your pool. It includes a small handle that is easy to grip allowing it to be easy to remove from the pool and drain it, and its filters are a breeze to remove and replace. It has non-skid wheels that allow it to climb through the pool. It doesn't scrub the walls like other cleaners, which can lead to foam buildup over time if you are not using the right pool chemicals to keep the water clean. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from this unit's sales will go towards breast cancer research. What's not to love?

Skimming Cleaners
Consider using the Solar Breeze Solar Pool Cleaner to remove leaves from your pool. The unique thing about this model is that it skims the pool to clean it using the most abundant source of free energy out there: the sun. It charges with the sun's rays and essentially skims the surface of the pool to remove debris like leaves, pollen and even suntan oils from the surface of the water. It will pull pollen and dust from the pool as well, catching and trapping them before they sink to the bottom. You will need another cleaner to scrub the walls and the flooring of the pool, as this device only works on removing debris that is floating on the pool's surface.

Last Minute Cleaning and Deep Cleaning
Keeping the walls and floor of the pool clear of mildew buildup is challenging if you are not scrubbing the walls regularly. Using the Tiger Shark cleaner is a great option, as it has advanced features allowing you to clean the pool manually less frequently. There is a preset feature that will clean the pool for seven hours. You can set the device to spot clean one part of the pool where it needs to clean quickly and doesn't require a complete cleaning cycle. This is great for last-minute touchup cleaning, as it can be done in as little as 60 minutes.

For the ultimate cleaning of your pool, consider the Polaris 9300 Sport Pool Cleaner. This robotic cleaner is the complete solution you need to keep your pool clean. It suits all ground pool types and sizes. It will clean the floors, scour the walls, and even has wheels and propulsion systems to get up steps. Unlike other cleaners, it doesn't allow dirt or debris to escape during the cleaning process. There is an internal filter canister that makes it easy to drop out and replace with a fresh one for the ultimate cleaning ability. This little guy is the perfect cleaner for all in-ground pool types and sizes, and it looks like an underwater sports car.

Why Automatic Cleaners?
It's essential to keep your pool clean and clear of debris to make it safe for all that summer fun. If you want something that works on its own and doesn't require a lot of maintenance on your part, you need to consider using an automatic cleaner. These models cost more than others, but they are easy to use and work well to maintain a pool. In addition to using your automatic cleaners regularly, always make sure that you check the pool's filters at least twice a season and maintain an adequate chemical cleaner balance to ensure clean, safe water.