One of the less than exotic features of having a pool in the back yard is that it must be cleaned regularly to keep it safe and healthy for swimmers. There are essentially two types of pool cleaners: vacuum cleaners and automatic pool cleaners. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry some of both. Different models are available for above-ground and in-ground pools. Let's take a look at some of our featured above-ground products.

One of our favorites is the Hayward AquaBug. It works on the bottom of all sizes and shapes of on ground and above-ground pools. It has a smart drive steering system so it covers the entire bottom area of the pool. Simply put it in the pool, hook it up to the pool's existing filtration system and in just a few quick steps, it will be cleaning your pool as you lounge on the deck. The AquaBug looks similar to a lady bug, so it won't scare the kids.

Dirt Devil
One of the most recognizable names in vacuum cleaners is the Dirt Devil. They have one that does pools, too. The GLI Dirt Devil D1000 Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum cleaner does not require electricity and has strong suction for items like pebbles, bugs and dirt.

Check out the Polaris 65 Above Ground Pool Cleaner. It runs off the pumps of clean water returning to your pool. It collects larger debris, like leaves, pebbles and big bugs in a specially designed filter bag while vacuuming the bottom and sweeping the sides of the pool. A Turbo Turtle accessory is available for a more friendly appearance and turbo charge.

Pool Rover Hybrid
With a 24-volt onboard pump motor, this automatic pool cleaner has a pre-programmable drive to clean oval, rectangular and round pools. It has filtration and circulation built in. And it's green. It helps you use up to half as much energy, water and chemicals in pool maintenance. It picks up the big stuff, like leaves, pine needles, silt and algae.

If affordability is what you are after, check out the RK01A RoboKleen ABG Cleaner. It gets the job done on above-ground pools up to 31 feet or 21 by 41 ovals. It turns itself off after two hours and operates independently of your pool's pump and filter. The low voltage pump motor has a 40-foot cable. This model features a machine washable, self-contained filter bag.

When pool cleaners are used together with some of our other products, like the Pool Frog and Tri X filters, you will have the cleanest pool in the neighborhood.