Hot tubs can be used for several reasons, from physical therapy to just relaxing and enjoying the warm water. Many people like to use hot tubs to ease stress and unwind from a busy day or week. But, if you don't properly use hot tub chemicals, you may be more stressed out when you find that you become ill or get a skin disease from your relaxing soak in the tub. By properly using the chemicals you can keep your water safe and clean from bacteria that like to grow in the warm water.

Use Sanitizers to Keep Bacteria Away

Sanitizers are the most important hot tub chemicals that any hot tub owner should purchase. Sanitizers kill the bacteria that easily grow in the tubs and in the hot tub filters. The bacteria that can grow in the warm water can cause serious illnesses in people. There are several choices in the type of sanitizers that you can use. The main sanitizers are chlorine, bromine, and biguanide. Each of these chemicals will kill the bacteria in the water and in the hot tub filters so that when you take your relaxing soak, you don't have to worry about getting sick the next day.

Test Your Water Before Adding Any Hot Tub Chemicals

Before you add any kind of spa supplies into your water, you should make sure to use the proper test strips to determine the level of the chemicals already in the water. Test strips are rather easy to use and can help create the balance of chemicals that you need in the water to keep it safe. Simply dip the test strips into the water in the tub and compare the strips to the color chart that comes with them. The strips can be used to determine the levels of all of the hot tub chemicals such as chlorine, and bromine and can even be used to determine the pH level in the tub.

Use Shockers to Keep Your Water Clean

Hot tub chemicals known as shockers work to get rid of the filth in the water such as dead skin, lotions, dirt, and other organic materials. Shocking your water once a week also helps to keep the water clean and the hot tub filters unclogged and working properly. Hot tub filters can easily gather dirt and grime - and shockers get rid of those things quickly. Shockers also help to prevent cloudy water and neutralize back odors. Shockers should be used in addition to the normal sanitizing supplies. After using shockers, be sure to read the instructions carefully on the product to see when it is safe to go back into the water.

It's not that difficult to keep your water safe and clean, but it is really important for your health to do so. The proper chemicals can help ensure your soak in a tub does not lead to things such as skin rashes or stomach bugs from the bacteria growing in the hot water. By taking just a few minutes after your soak in the tub, you can ensure that your water will be safe and clean for your next relaxing visit.