Keeping a hot tub cover clean is something most people don't often think about, but it will prolong the cover's life and make your hot tub more attractive to visitors, neighbors and even yourself. As with most things, it is easier to keep up when you do it regularly. It is no longer necessary to pull out the soap, water and sponge or spend an hour doing it. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we have a number of products available to help you maintain it.

One of the easiest products to use is by Leisure Time chemicals. Leisure Time Cover Wipes are a special formula used on vinyl spa covers to remove dirt, grit, pollen and other residue. Wiping down a cover regularly will help to keep it shiny and inviting. This formula also protects covers from ultraviolet rays, which can shorten their.

Aside from cleaning it, there are other ways to extend the life of your hot tub cover.

Keep it off limits from children with shoes, especially heels and buckles. If it is in an enclosed area, allow air to circulate until the room is dry or wipe up puddles immediately after use to prevent mold or mildew problems. Wipe up spills before they dry.

Avoid using your spa and spa cover as a storage area for other things, like hot tub equipment, spa supplies or even a stack of towels. Close it completely after every use.

If the spa cover is damaged, either repair or replace it immediately. Remember, it does help to protect your spa's surface and prevent mishaps and accidents. Covers also help to keep the water from evaporating more quickly.