One of the most important elements of a spa or hot tub is the cover system. Most people don't think about it unless they struggle to put the cover back on and leave the tub open to save hassle. In those cases, they might have found unwanted things floating in the spa or considerable water evaporation. Leaving the spa uncovered puts added wear and tear on hot tub filters and other hot tub equipment.

There are many different types of hot tub covers available. They should fit your spa snugly and be made of waterproof material. Most covers are easier to use when you have a cover lifter for easy removal and storage. Let's look at a few of the types of hot tub cover removal and caddy systems available.

One of the most popular types that we carry at Hot Tub Spa Supplies is the Cover Valet. It comes in a variety of models, depending on the size of your spa. The basic cover lifter attaches to the side of your spa cabinet and doubles as a privacy wall while you're relaxing. It requires a 10- to 12-foot clearance. The adjustable Cover Caddy is stored on the side of your spa and makes cover removal easy with its gas spring lifting system.

Hot Spring spa parts are always high quality products. Hot Spring's CoverCradle II Retractable Cover is no exception. It has pneumatic gas shocks that make it easy to use. It requires a 2-foot clearance and can be stored low on the side of most models of Hot Spring spas for those days when you want a clear view of your surroundings.

For a different type of set-up, consider an Easy Slider. These models fit most spas and slide back, rather than fold on the side. This is ideal for areas with plenty of room behind the spa. It also coordinates well with wooden decks and with wooden patio furniture.

When you want to put a little less effort into removing your spa cover or you want a nicer look for your spa area, hot tub and spa covers are a practical solution. They reduce wear and tear on the cover -- and on you -- and help prevent open tub problems, such as floating debris and water evaporation.