Sometimes no matter how diligently you maintain your spa chemicals, your spa water becomes murky and doesn't seem to flow properly. There are a number of possible problems. First, check to see if anything is blocking the circulation pump. Next, examine your spa filter to make sure it is clean and properly installed. If it is clean, you may have a spa pump problem. Spa circulation pumps are the magical pieces of equipment that help to keep your water flowing when your spa is running. Because they are workhorses, they sometimes get tired out and need to be replaced. When spa circulation pumps are not running properly, water circulation slows or stops altogether. The spa water does not flow through the spa filters, making the water look cloudy and murky, not clear and refreshing.

Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries a number of spa and hot tub replacement parts, including the Hot Spring circulation pump, Tiger River parts and other compatible hot tub pumps for Grundfos, Gecko Aquaflow and Laing. If you are sure that your spa pump needs to be replaced, check out our spa replacement parts. Check your spa to see what manufacturer, model and model year it is. Take note of the size and whether the plug is detachable. Some spa pumps do not come with a new cord, so check the product description before you do away with the old one.

If you don't see the model or type you are looking for, be sure to contact us. Our Hot Tub Spa Supplies staff may be able to help you find what you're looking for, or discover something compatible that will work just as well. You'll be back in your spa in no time.