Finding the right new swimsuit for a hot tub party can be perplexing for first-timers or those who don't use spas often. If you own a spa, you might want to buy several to last through the season, saving your favorite for parties and get-togethers. Choosing one that is comfortable and wears well is helpful. Swimsuits that will be worn frequently in hot tubs should be durable and colorfast so that they last longer and are worth the investment. Here are a few more tips.

Choose a style swimsuit that is comfortable and flattering to your figure. Keep in mind that swim skirts, blousons and loose-fitting trunks may be buoyant and float upward with extra help from the water jets. If possible, don't wear a bathing suit that makes you self-conscious. You will spend more time worrying about how you look than having a good time and relaxing.

Read the swimwear labels. Some fabrics wear faster with frequent use in hot tub chemicals. Look for materials that are labeled chlorine- or bromine-resistant. Swimming suits that are 100 percent nylon are also durable with regular spa use.

Street Clothes
Keep in mind that some guests may not be prepared for a dip in your hot tub. Consider keeping extra suits on hand for emergencies. It's all right to politely ask guests to avoid wearing street clothes and shoes in your hot tub. This practice not only wears on the hot tub filters, it also can turn the water odd colors from clothing dye and bring in unwanted dirt and debris.

When hosting a party, offer guests a place to put their belongings while they're in your hot tub. Towel racks and end tables will offer peace of mind and comfort. Designate a corner or area for shoes. Women who bring a swimsuit to change into during the party may need a safe, dry place to store their bags. Keep plenty of extra dry towels on hand and easy to access.

Swimwear Storage
As a guest, be prepared to leave your belongings unattended. For small parties, this might not matter. For big bashes, however, consider a swimsuit with pockets or bring along a waterproof swimming bag for your ID and money.

When inviting friends to your hot tub party, be prepared for questions. People who are appropriately dressed, feel comfortable and know what to expect will have a better time at your party. If you're a guest, don't hesitate to ask the host for help if you don't know the rules or feel a bit out of place.