One of the advantages to owning a hot tub is that it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, if you want to take a soak, you can. This is especially helpful for people that have difficulties with minor aches and pains or hypertension. It helps people feel better through warm temperatures, rapid water circulation and added buoyancy when sitting in water.

Sore Muscles
Homeowners choose to install a hot tub in the back yard for a variety of reasons. Using a hot tub or spa can soothe sore muscles due to overexertion, chronic conditions or injuries. This is especially helpful for professional athletes and weekend warriors. The hot water and oxygen circulating throughout the spa helps muscles to relax after being punished on triathlons, bike rides, softball or baseball games, trips to the recreation center or the gym, to name a few. Adding specially designed therapeutic crystals and powders to the water can help chronic or temporary problems to subside.

Blood Pressure and Stress
Soaking in hot water can cause a change in blood circulation, which allows the blood pressure to drop. This, in turn, can result in lower stress levels. This, in turn, can help a headache to go away. Some migraine sufferers use hot tubs as a means of reducing the pain. When soaking in a hot tub, a relaxed state often makes it easier for people to fall asleep at bedtime.

When using a hot tub to alleviate pain from arthritis, surgery or injury, it is always wise to seek the advice of a healthcare professional. It is also advised to seek medical attention if stress and hypertension are regular occurrences. Those with diabetes, heart problems and other life-threatening chronic conditions should also discuss using a hot tub with their doctor before planning to take a soak.