If you have a Hot Spot or Solana spa, you have probably had very little need for replacement parts. Both of these spa lines are manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing, a reliable maker of quality spas and hot tubs. In the event of a problem, however, Hot Tub Spa Supplies now carries a number of Hot Spot and Solana parts.

We carry Solana and Hot Spot parts for control boxes and panels, timer boards, drain fittings, replacement jets, jet pumps and more. All you need to know is the type of spa you have and what model year it is, and you can order the part from our website. If you don't see the right Hot Spot and Solana parts listed, contact us. We can probably help you find the right one. We also carry a number of spa accessories, like replacement jets, spa filters and cover lock sets.

Hot Spot has five spa models to choose from, which seat anywhere from two to seven adults. They are energy efficient and durable enough for everyday use. They feature adjustable jets, so you can enjoy the precision water jet massage you need for sore muscles.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, the Solana spa is a compact spa design with a variety of jets to choose from for relaxation at home. Solana presently has three models. Because of its smaller size and lower electrical requirements, it is the ideal solution if you live in a condo or townhouse.

Both spa lines are durable and come with warranties. In the event of a problem, however, it's easy to find the Hot Spot and Solana parts and spa filters you need. We carry them at Hot Tub Spa Supplies.