One of the best parts about wintertime is having a hot tub. When you're ready to relax, going out back to the deck and slipping into the hot bubbling water wards off the chill and soothes away the tense muscles. Any hot tub owner will tell you it's a great way to relax. You may want to put together some hot tub supplies for the days when it's very cold or snowing outside. It might be more convenient to set up a place outside where you can stow a few things when getting in and out of the tub.

Use a towel tree to hang up a robe and a fresh towel. A small table or cabinet top is handy to set hold things like a drink, eyeglasses and a Smartphone. You might want to keep a small thermometer outside, either on a table or mounted on the wall, to keep track of outdoor temperatures. When it's cold outside, you'll probably be out of the water for a very short time. Unless you're walking across the yard to a gazebo, you may not need shoes. If you do, try using a floor mat to put your shoes or slippers on while you're hot tubbing. This helps you stay organized, prevents you from slipping, and it also keeps water from puddling on your patio.

While not a lot of room is required for hot tub filters and hot tub chemicals, these should be kept in a separate, dry storage place. Some people like to keep their spa chemicals and hot tub filters in built-in cabinets outside, while others prefer the safety of an indoor cabinet in the laundry room. Pay attention to package labeling to see what temperatures are best for storage, especially for chemicals, and keep them out of the reach of children.