Your hot tub's control panel is an important hub of activity for your unit. It helps to regulate the temperature so that it's constant. It can be a forum for troubleshooting your hot tub if it's not acting properly. Sometimes the problem is not with other parts of your unit, but with the control panel itself. Whether you have a Hot Spot, Hot Spring, Caldera or other brand spa, here's a brief guide to troubleshooting your control panel. It will help you determine which of your Hot Spring, Caldera or Hot Spot parts need to be replaced if you're having control panel problems.

If your spa's control panel has seized up, it may be either the control panel or your circuit board. First check the control panel to see if it's wet on the inside. If it's wet on the outside, this is a good indicator that interior may be wet also. Moisture on the panel interior is another clue. Carefully remove any moisture from wet surfaces and allow them to dry out for several hours, then try again. If it is physically damaged or still fails to work, your control panel may need to be replaced.

Electronic Indicators
If your control panel is partially lit or only certain features are not working, look for error messages and blinking light indicators. Reset the breaker by turning it off, then back on. If it is still not working, shut it off again, then disconnect the panel. See if the circuit board is wet or damaged. If so, it probably needs to be replaced. If not, try cutting on the breaker to see if the unit starts moving water or creating warmth. If the problem persists, use a voltage indicator to test the circuit board. A low voltage reading typically means circuit boards are damaged and should be replaced.

Messages – A message display typically tells you what the problem is. If the messages are garbled or dashed lines appear, try powering down the unit for at least one hour before restarting it. This will allow the control panel to refresh and start working again.

Blank Display – If there is no message in the display area, it could be a circuit board problem. A slow or partial display is another clue that the circuit board may need to be replaced.

Flashing Lights – If you see a flashing red light on your spa's control panel, reset the unit by powering it off, then turning it back on a few minutes later. Red and green flashing lights, however, are a strong indicator of insufficient water flow. Turn off the spa, and check your spa filter to see if it is clogged. Clean or replace your filter as needed before turning on the power. It should be working at this time.

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