Are there days when your hot tub smells funny and you don't feel as relaxed and refreshed as you want to after a long soak? That can happen with some water care systems; it's not your spa. There are many different types of water care systems you can choose. Most spa owners simply start with the one mentioned in their owner's manual or whatever they pick up when they buy their hot tub, which makes sense to some degree. In reality, your spa should make you feel fresh, and it doesn't have to smell like chemicals or be a burden to constantly fight with the pH balance. If the relaxation factor isn't enough for you anymore, you water system is probably the culprit and you can remedy your issues pretty quickly.

Poor Water System Symptoms
There are three signs that it's time to consider alternative water systems.
1. Your skin is dry and itchy after a soak, and you don't want to go hot tubbing two days in a row because you're so uncomfortable when you do.
2. You feel like changing or balancing your hot tub chemicals isn't worth the time you spend on it for the enjoyment you get out of your spa.
3. Your need to place an order online or run to the hot tub and spa supplies store as often as you do doesn't fit into your busy schedule.
4. There is a build-up of excess metals and minerals in your hot tub plumbing system that makes your filters and pumps work less efficiently. There may be hard water stains in your spa.

Making the Switch
Changing your water system might seem like a big step. Even if you don't like your routine, it's something that you're used to - to some degree. One alternative water system is Silk Balance. The routine is different. Once you've made the initial switch-over, you'll need to spend about five minutes or less per week on your hot tub chemicals. It doesn't leave your skin dry and itchy, even if you soak twice a day or two days in a row. You won't feel like you need to shower or drench yourself in lotion after you get out. To switch over, you'll need to use Silk Balance Clean Start to kill any bacteria and stabilize your hot tub's water chemistry. This is done when you make the switch, and then about once a year.

Regular Maintenance
One bottle of Silk Balance will condition a 350-gallon to 500-gallon hot tub weekly for about four months. It removes hard-water build-up issues so that the spa's plumbing system can work efficiently. It's self-adjusting and comes in a shake-and-pour bottle. You won't need to use test strips or order balancing kits. It works with all spa models, including Hot Spring spas, Elemental Hot Tubs, Limelight, Caldera and Tiger River.

Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries Silk Balance products. If you have questions, contact our store at (914) 237-5606 during our regular hours of operation or visit our Silk Balance web page.